Major Update Concept/Pitch - "Call of Mahabharata" - The Indian Nation & Ground Tree

The Kestrel prototype is actually designed by DRDO and Tata is the manufacturing partner for it. This particular vehicle is an evolution of the Kestrel design with Mahindra as its design partner. There are going to be 2 more designs by L&T and Kalyani which are yet to be unveiled. These will then contest for the Indian Army requirements.

In coming years we are going to see a lot of variants of these base platforms. Some concepts have already been showcased in case of Kestrel like its Light tank variant which was showcased with a 105mm gun turret.

Currently it is just a mockup and not a real vehicle but developments are ongoing for light tank as well spaa variants of these vehicles.


I see. So its just a marking device.

Honestly would be kinda funny if they add it as a feature in-game lol

could be useful in sim. You can mark some path for your teammates or maybe you can set a trap for your enemy

Maybe if Gaijin decides to add mines or gets more creative with the battle zones, then yea, but even those are still really controversial.

This is a good estimation of Arjun´s base armor modules. Rather slim in my opinion but effectiveness in game will be decided by Gaijin.


It wasn´t put together by me, made on the base of patents of Arjun´s parts (some of them visible in the drawings) and pictures of the modules such as these:

There is also a pic of the armor modules before being mounted but I can´t find it right now. I´ll try again tomorrow.


The standard Arjun has armour that is confirmed to be able to withstand shots from T-72 and early-end merkava APFSDS rounds, though likely the armour has been improved over time, especially with the Mk.1A.

With it be top-of-the-line? I doubt it.

Is it Ariete Bad? Not Really.

Is it competitive? Probably.

Me and the team can only find so much, but from what we’ve found, the Arjun would be at the least similar on playstyle to the 2A4, maybe with slightly worse armor. We’ll use these diagrams to make a better judgement to tell you all later.


i think the Tata Kestral with the 40mm grenade launcher and 2 atgms could be funny

also this could be a loading screen

Looks like we have a new NAMICA under development. This is named as NAMICA Mk 2 and features a new turret with the 30mm gun and 4 Nag missiles on top of BMP 2 platform. Here is a concept image of it.



Any updates when the Indian TT be released?

Came across some detailed brochure for Abhay IFV detailing the complete technology and specifications of the project. It also details the FSAPDS ammo that was developed for its gun. Do go through it and some keen eyed people can also find a surprise in it.

Edit: Do tell if anyone finds the surprise in it.


Also, some days back we had rolling out of upgraded T-90 Bhishma Mk3 for Indian Army.
The above post details regarding the possible upgrades that have been done to this variant as well as an upgraded auto-loader with additional armor on top like in T90M. This is only a speculation and not confirmed.

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Does it use Bofors 40mm?

It does use the Bofors 40mm, but that is known since long time.
What I am referring to is a prototype vehicle that was used for testing the Abhay turret with a BMP-2 hull. You can see it on bottom left side. You can see its test video here:

It can function as a good event vehicle for the Tech tree.

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v.8: Even More Vehicles!

Hello Again! In this update we’ll see an addition of more vehicles/content and some minor changes to the tree to improve it. Let’s take a look!

New Vehicles

Kestrel 105:

8x8 WhAP:

Abhay BMP:



Marmon-Herrington Mk.III:

Vehicle Changes
  • “NAMICA” already in tree has been renamed to “NAMIS”.
    source for change (Image):
  • “Vickers Mk.VIC” has been renamed to “Vickers Mk.VIB”.

We’ve also decided to mention the addition of new photos for loading screens, profile pictures, etc.!

New Profile Pictures

Sikh Reconnaissance Officer:

Indian Tank Commander:

New Loading Screens




To conclude with new statistics, the tree now officially has a grand total of 126 vehicles, placing it just 2 vehicles behind the American Ground Tech Tree, which currently has 128 vehicles. As for the “Uniqueness” of the tree, the addition of these 5 new vehicles bring the percentage of unique vehicles to 19%, ahead of the Italian TT but again just behind the Swedish TT, them being 18%. We hope to hear more potential additions from you and wish you all the best!


Very interesting tree, as with China the mix of Eastern and Western vehicles progressing into domestic and export designs, is excellent and would make for fun gameplay.

Have you considered the Light Tank Mark VIB (India Pattern) as a Reserve vehicle?




Yes, we’ve considered it, however the thing is that the B variant of the Vickers only has 7.92 machine guns, which are ineffective in tank on tank engagements, and lack the elevation to be spaa, thus weve included the C variant, which has a HMG, similar to the M2A2 in the american TT.