Major Update 'Alpha Strike" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

Well congratulations. You just took an important step.

Jesus, you just took two steps back /facepalm


Also Gajin where is my IFV

Your giving france a CV90 where is mine

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I just looked and CV9035NL is too new, 2022.

I would bet that it will be a squad vehicle, like the Swiss hunter and the Indian T-90 (trying to find the logic to all this madness).

2004, i think 2022 is the revelation of the MLU upgrade or start, besides that the KF41 is way newer

May I remind you about the Challengers 3 TD?

And if anyone thinks im trying to steal a Swedish vehicle
I mean this CV90

That was 2019

No worry, we already have 2s38

Eh. still nothing is too new for Gaijin.

ahhh thanks for clarifying the date for me.
Yes, we already have very new/dark things among us (cough: Russian SPAA with exploration capabilities of an LT and survival of an MBT cough: cough:)

It looks like that won’t be the case with our new Dutch friend.

yes, he just came to my mind.

Should we classify it as a new vehicle? or as an upgrade (like L2PL, for example).

idk, I ask out of ignorance

uhhh- New I think?

All I know is it is a vehicle that technically didn’t exist until after it was added.

Yes and no

The armour used is changed and turris different with a new gun but the hull is the same but add on armour should be better

Basically the same changes between the Challenger 1 and 2

The version in game is the 2019 Lep which was a tech demonstrator which is why its missing so many thing that the real one would have like spall liners and blow out panels

The first prototype was only show a few months ago

interesting, thanks.
I guess it qualifies as a new vehicle, especially the latest version they showed recently.

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And when they mount trophy it will be great tank to use in game

If they fix the breech that is

In mean time as Canadian leopards our now off the table i would love to see Al husein

If USA get their werid m60 Abrams thing i want to see my challenger 1 with KE-W

Any who

Those new mavericks that the Hungarian Gripen is getting when will i see them on my Gr7

I hope soon

Fair enough, to each their own.

I’d be happy with NL as a subtree.
For WW2 stuff it would kinda make sense:
-(mainland) NL only saw action during about 5 days in the same attack where Germany went through NL/BE into France so for many non-Dutch the Battle for the Netherlands is a side note in the Battle for France.
-France operated a hand full of Koolhoven aircraft. Dutch built, French flagged.

After ww2 stuff, I guess it’d just be a neighbour/ally that would bolster the tree in general without any particular reason. Which would be fine by me.