Major Update 'Alpha Strike" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

tanks don’t even have diffrent sights

this is still a plane game

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Its a downgraded AIM-9M derivative for the export market.

so US domestic counter to AiM-9Li

Thats only because they developed planes for longer, hardly a reason to start new nation with air.

But it gives me hope, they will give tanks and BOATs unique sights someday:)

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No, that would be the AIM-9P-5 or -9M-6 or -7 (USN’s HERO compliant components are used in odd numbered subvariants). The reason for the excessive number of configurations is due to the number of potential client nations and needing to mix and match components to create the desired capability, or upgrade their existing stockpile to some specific standard.

Of course this also takes into account what technology the US was willing to allow to be transferred into inventory or licensed for production, depending of the variant.

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Despite what you may think Stona this is actually a positive ^^

Oh hey, F-106 got passed to developers. Hope we’ll finally see it in app someday.


Modified Leopard 2 and Bf109. What is the deal?
These days vehicles are even designed in a way that allows to switch out modules easily and in adjustment to the customers needs.

so it means we may get chat translate soon?

I doubt it, it was only just passed to developers

I uhhh hope they remove the chat timer. Maybe?


That would be bloody lovely.

That chat timer is so shitty. I hope they get rid of it.

There is only hope.

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hope can turn into cope rather quikly nowadays

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On a related matter, the dev server is awful in part because you can be briefly reminded how the grind could actually be nice.

2-4 times more basic RP income would actually make the game massively better and I won’t hear any arguments to the contrary.


a 500% booster?



you get a full time alive?

The finance department have enough arguments against it to fill dev blogs for a decade.