Major Update 'Alpha Strike" - Rumor Round-Up & Discussion (Part 4)

No more manual switching? Why tho?

That is something that confused me too. I guess they couldnt get it to work with both. Manually swapping just confused it or it kept overriding it or something.

That’s gonna be very annoying on planes with bad PDs

Fueling the imagination is taking me to a want that most likely not happening.

All because of a rotting model in the flies and the recent leaks.


It could be, though interesting. Gunna be of perticular note though for aircraft like the F3.

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Holy shit, it finally happened


Though this is long overdue


It’s fueling the imagination for you
A “trigger happy” keyboard warrior who will take any leak for granted and proceed to make a conspiracy theory from it
No offense…

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Well I so apologise for having an imagination and not being a 2016 mindless NPC hehe


I’m not saying new tech trees are bad
But there’s having a bit too much imagination… Your post I quoted today from part 2 is good example.
Zodiac sign of Gemini, which is probably destined to be a warbonds exclusive decal, you thought was preorder decal for F-20 which was going to chinese tech tree

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it is interesting that two Canadian vehicles have been leaked

like what could those be for


Because it was made for Taiwan originally iirc

Originally, yes.
But it was also denied to them over time, with US pushing for F-16/79 if my memory is correct.

The US and UK tech trees

No new tech trees without planes.

I don’t know why it took so long. It was one of the first planes added that made a lot of people feel that it really needed fuel tanks

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Why would the US get any of them ?


Because they are allies and share a continent with Canada

Almost any one is ally of America

Yea so with the available facts I would assume the F-20 would be spreaded out to all nations that needs them

nah don’t find that likely