Major game breaking bug im surprised its not fixed and i have to actually come here waste my time to tell you about it

i join a game, game refuses to show me join a battle button i leave game my crew gets locked for way too long i leave this dogshit of a broken game. now if this isnt a bug but a way to shadowban players id argue that it is a disgusting way to treat overpaying customers this way. im also glad to se how convenient it is to not be able to post screenshots or videos here to make it as difficult as possible for players to explain the problems.

well, it has been for months now if not years, the servers are bad what do u expect lol

id expect a fix

what are you talking about its easy to insert screenshots into your post, and don’t blame the server hamster for it its not his fault its just a bug

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yeah, no.

a fix wont happen, they’re cheap servers and not reliable and they like it like that

but do you know what a problem even is? what are u even talking about?

not only that this only started happening like 1 or 2 weeks ago

(the hampster thing was a joke in case it wasn’t clear, should’ve put lol or something to clear that up)

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i know what the problem is and i said they’re cheap, its been for years now it happens twice or 3 times per day

thank you for clarifying i totally thought it was an actual hapster running in a wheel that u were mentioning

no it never happened and it only started happening few weeks ago. whats the problem then?

he he lol

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Uh huh…

Nobody has any clue what your problem is mate.


why do u come in here not look at the post and only look in the comments and pretend u dont know what the problem is?

I have read your post, quite literally none of it tells me anything.

It looks like you’re writing as you’re struggling to think, instead of giving an apt description


what are you talking about

the problem is that the big red button at the bottom right of the screen doesnt show up when i join a game, then i am forced to leave a game after which my crew gets locked

if i have to repeat myself about my problems here i see its not going to be as simple as i tought

And again, do you have screenshots of this? There are multiple buttons to press to spawn, as well as multiple keybinds. Hell, it may even be cut off by your screen dimensions if you’re using improper video output methods.