Major FPS drop in battles

A couple weeks ago i decided to upgrade my pc. i got a new motherboard, cpu and ram

after i upgraded the pc, upgraded bios and all the drivers this suddenly happens in Warthunder. this is the only game this happens, no others so far! i have no idea what to do

When i join a battle, it suddely starts to lag a bit, before it completely freeze/crashes like shown in the video

I managed to get it on video, please watch this, this is the best explaination for the issue i have

My specs are
RTX 3080 10gb
AMD Ryzen 9 7950z 16 core
63.21 gb ram g.skill trident z5 4x 16gb 6000 mhz
asus rog x670e hero
2560x1440 240 hz monitor
latest gpu driver 545.84

For me it was that last gpu driver, roll back to older one.

but does that affect one specific game?