Maisanta YZR - Venezuelan Ontos

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TL;DR: An AMX-13 with six recoilless rifles and a mortar.



The French AMX-13 light tank was a very successful design, having very good upgrade potential as a weapon platform. Due to this reason, it was widely exported and modified to fit the needs of different militaries. Venezuela purchased 67 AMX-13s and modified some of them to be anything from SPAAGs to MLRSs, the most recent modification being a fire-support-vehicle. This vehicle goes by the name of Maisanta YZR and is essentially the Venezuelan version of the M50 Ontos. It is unknown where this vehicle was first seen, however, it was reported to have participated in Venezuela’s 200th Anniversary Parade alongside many other vehicles including, but not limited to: a TPz Fuchs 1, a Scorpion 90, two V-100 Commandos, and a Toyota Hilux. The vehicle is, of course, based on the AMX-13, featuring a redesigned turret and hull, eliminating many unnecessarily cast pieces. This is the same chassis used in the Venezuelan AMX-13 based MLRS. Like the Ontos, the Maisanta YZR is equipped with six 106mm M40 Recoilless Rifles, however, unlike the Ontos, the Maisanta YZR has a fully-rotating turret. An M2 Browning is situated between the third and fourth recoilless rifles. Both the rifles and the Browning can be fired from inside the vehicle, however, reloading must occur outside the vehicle. The Maisanta YZR also features an 81mm M1 Mortar mounted on the front of the hull to assist with fire-support. As of right now, the vehicle still seems to be a prototype. In a tweet by Johan Hernández Lárez, Commander of the Miranda Integral Defense Zone No. 43, it is stated that the purpose of the vehicle is to provide protection to technical engineering units while they carry out bridge installation, road conditioning, terrain preparation, and obstacle construction.

Place In War Thunder:

France has access to a grand total of zero recoilless rifle carriers. As such, the Maisanta YZR would provide an experience that currently can’t be found in the French tech tree. If implemented, the M1 Mortar would provide a fun challenge, similar to what can be found on the Matilda Hedgehog. Gameplay would be similar to the M50 Ontos, however, the Maisanta YZR would be more flexible in almost every way as it has a fully-rotating turret, is faster, and more maneuverable. Gun depression, seems to be lacking, however.


Armament: x6 106mm M40 Recoilless Rifles (with spotting rifles), x1 81mm M1 Mortar, and x1 12.7mm M2 Browning

Dimensions: 4.88m, 2.51m, 2.35m (L,W,H) (Dimensions of the AMX-13. This vehicle might be taller.)

Weight: 14000~kg

Armor: 10-30~mm

Crew: 4 (Driver, Gunner, Commander, Loader)

Ammunition: M40: HEAT and HESH M1: Light HE, Heavy HE, Smoke, and Illumination

Speed: 60~kph

Horsepower: 250hp


Rear View:


Closer Rear View:


Closer Side View with hatch open:


Loading Recoilless Rifles:


Breaches Open:




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