Maestrale-class destroyer, Maestrale (1943)

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RN Maestrale in 1943

The Maestrale-class of destroyers, were completed in 1934, as an improvement of the Folgore and Dardo classes of destroyers.
They were over 10 meters longer and featured an improved hull shape, better weight distribution, which resulted in a higher top speed and stability of the units.
They were considered a successful design, which marked a clear qualitative turning point in the evolution of Italian destroyers.

The RN Maestrale as built features almost the same armament as the Freccia-class, which is currently present in the game in the form of the RN Dardo. The only difference are the main guns, which are more modern (120/50 OTO 1931 vs 120/50 Ansaldo 1926).
In 1940 it received an AA upgrade, which replaced the two single 40/39 cannons and the two twin 13.2/76 with six single 20/65 Breda 1940 cannons.
In 1942, the main armament was changed. The forward twin 120/50 mount was replaced by a single mount of the same caliber, while another single 120/50 turret was installed on the deckhouse amidships, between the torpedo mounts, replacing the 120/15 starshell gun. The AA armament was further improved, by replacing four single mounts of the 20/65 with twin mounts of the same caliber. The anti-submarine armament of the Maestrale was also improved, with the addition of two German-made depth charge launchers and the replacement of the racks for depth charges with more modern ones.

Service history of the RN Maestrale

The RN Maestrale was very active during her service, sailing 54.859 miles between 10/06/1940 and 08/09/1943, taking part in 157 missions of various types:

  • 14 squadron missions
  • 5 minelaying missions
  • 2 submarine hunting missions
  • 2 coast bombing missions
  • 3 transport missions
  • 52 escort missions
  • 55 various missions
  • 24 training missions

She entered service on 02/09/1934. She participated in the Spanish Civil War, escorting ships carrying Italian volunteers to Spain in 1937/1938. During World War II she took part with the X Squadriglia Cacciatorpediniere, which consisted of her and other destroyers of the same class, in convoy escort missions in the Mediterraean. In 1943 during an escort convoy mission to Tunisia, she was hit by a torpedo, which caused the loss of 12 meters of the stern. She was with the modern destroyer Corsaro and steamship Ines Corrado. Corsaro came close to cover her, but she found herself on two mines, which made her sunk, with 187 sailors of her crew. The Maestrale, severely damaged and unable to move, drifted risking ending up on Italian minefields, but commander Bedeschi managed to moor the ship on depths of 350 meters by tying together the two chains of anchors. Approached by rescue units, the destroyer was towed to Trapani where she spent two weeks for the first temporary repairs, and where it was almost hit by bombs during an U.S. aerial bombardment.

She reached Trapani on 01/02/1943 for the first temporary repairs, from where she was towed by the torpedo boat Pegaso to Naples, for further repairs.

After being further repaired, RN Maestrale was towed to Genova on 01/04/1943, in the company of the RN Corazziere, which had the opposite problem: she lost her bow because of an American bomb during an attack on Neaples.
On 3 April 1943 Maestrale and Corazziere arrived in Genova, where work began on the reconstruction of the stern of the former and the bow of the latter.

RN Maestrale at Genova, during the reconstruction of her stern, april-may 1943

She was still being repaired at Genova, when the armistice was proclaimed. Unable to move and not even close to being repaired, she was sunk by her crew on 09/09/1943.

Why I’m proposing her?

I believe the Dardo is not a good destroyer at BR3.7. It’s outgunned, it lacks good AA and survivability. The Maestrale in her 1943 configuration would be a much better fit, in my opinion.
It features a more effective aircraft protection, stability and better durability, thanks to her larger crew. It also features a very unique main gun layout for italian destroyers, other than the Soldati class. It’s the only destroyer with two single and one twin main gun turrets.

General specifications (1943)

  • Displacement : standard 1680 t; Full load 2400 t.
  • Full length : 106,7 m.
  • Draught : 3,31 m.
  • Breadth : 10.25 m.
  • Machinery : 2 sets Parsons geared steam turbines, 3 3-drum boilers, 44000 h. p.
  • Max speed : 31 knots.
  • Complement : 190.

Armament and equipment

  • 1x2 : 120/50 OTO mod.1931
  • 2x1 : 120/50 OTO mod.1931
  • 4x2 : 20/65 Breda 1935
  • 2x1 : 20/65 Breda 1940
  • 2x3 : 533 mm torpedo tubes
  • 2 depth charge racks

RN Maestrale in 1943

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