Made 55k damage in Naval Arcade Battle but didnt get any skill bonus XD

I joined a battle on Gay Archer and fortunately made 55668 damage. But, because of some kind of array overflow (I guess), the damage shown in the game went below zero and therefore I didn’t get a skill bonus XD
All the pics are in Chinese, sorry for the inconvenience

You could see from this pic that at some timepoint the damage went to -31k

and at the end of game the damage was 55668, but it was shown in game to be -9k

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I calculated that, 55668-(-9868)=65536, and I guess if your damage exceeds 32768, it will turn to -32768


Great game nonetheless.

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Make a bug report

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Ah yes, the great integer overflow.

I love, that Gaijin tries to spare memory by using a smaller integer, yet the game still allocates 4-6x more video memory, than it needs…