Mad Thunder Vehicle Selection Screen Bug

There is a bug a couple other users have reported (I will link to those below.) I tried to select the Powerful Boar, but then the screen flashed and my selection screen bugged out. Pic attached. What is also odd, is that I do NOT have the Rhino or Mule unlocked but it shows them (still wont let me spawn them though).

Next pic is after I J’d out and tried to select the boar, but it shows the same bugged selection screen:

It definitely has something to do with trying to select the solid/strong/powerful variants. I just tried to select the Solid Porcupine and it bugged again, and the Porcupines vanished.

And finally when trying to select the Solid Echidna it blanked that one out as well:

Session ID = 2a291f80012d50d

Replay link: Gaijin Entertainment - Single Sign On

Users with similar/same issue:

ive already send a issue report but im not sure gaijin when will fix it :(

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Is it still broken for you? It has only happened once for me. I also did a file check and restarted the game. (Let me know if you need help doing a verify.)

its only once for me too

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