Mad Thunder - How to play successfully? Strategies?

Is it true?

Fact: Even if I dont return to an “extraction zone” ( e.g. I am knocked out, or run ot of time ), collected resources are added to my MadThunder resources.
So returning with a vehicle to the “extraction zone” ( exit zone ) is optional, the collected resources are already safe after collection?

Fact: A vehicle returned to the “extraction zone” can’t be used again in the game.
So returning to a vehicle & getting the vehicle destroyed allows me to collect resources with another of the 3 vehicles?

If I destroy a red vehicle, are its collected resources then available for me, as pulled out on the ground? ( I am unsure about this )

The “extraction point” is far-far away from the launch points. Just in the last minutes of the game, some additional “extraction points” are offered,
What is a successful travel strategy?
Trying to collect resources “on the way already to an extraction point”, to save time?

My experience: I was often knocked-out after having collected the (25) resources, before I can reach the “extraction zone”, though I didn’t take the shortest way, but usually the one which looked safe ( maximum distance to red launch points ).
What is your strategy, how do you proceed to come to the extraction points with collected resources?
And is this return to the extraction zone so much important?

Is knocking-out red players a strategy to gain resources ???
Why should I wait at the red extraction point ( how to know where it is? probably it is not at the location of the extraction point for blue ) to knock-out reds?

  1. 20% of the resources you have in your vehicle’s storage are kept upon death. You should still try to head for the extracts when you are full on resources to keep the full amount

  2. I believe this is correct, however you can always respawn at least 3 times with the vehicles that do not require rage tokens to spawn, however for some of the unlockable vehicles, you require 1 rage token to spawn.

  3. If you destroy an enemy vehicle, the resources they had in their storage drops to the ground, it will appear as a coloured pile of metal scraps. You can also collect rage tokens from enemies destroyed, you will get 1 rage token per kill, another for driving close to the destroyed vehicle. However, if the person you destroyed had more rage then you do, indicated by the amount of white stripes on the black flag attached to every vehicle, you will immediately go straight to the rage level of that person.

  4. I would say you want to try and get as many successful extractions as possible as quickly as you can, so you can keep spawning and getting more. That said, if you are playing the team battle as opposed to the free for all (which i would reccomend), you may find that you die less if you stick to your teammates, and you will also find it easier to get kills and rage from destroyed enemies if you are not alone.

  5. Following on from the previous point, sticking with teammates is a good way to stay alive. Getting the armour upgrades on vehicles will help you survive more punishment from enemies, and certain vehicles are more survivable than others. You can also unlock ESS for the vehicles, which will help you cover yourself. Unfortunately you will more often than not have to cross enemies going to their extract while on the way to yours, because of the way the map is designed, so having an upgraded vehicle and keen eyes will help get you through.

  6. Knocking out enemies is certainly a viable way to collect resources, and you will need a lot of kills over the whole event to collect rage tokens to get the rewards. Waiting at the enemies extraction point may work for you, however it is a fairly detestable thing to do. Even if you do manage to kill some poor sod who has run across the map and is full on resources and rage, you will still need to extract yourself, and you will often be a fair distance from the extracts, not to mention that half of the enemy team will also be heading to the extract you are at, so the chances of you dieing are quite high. Overall extract camping ruins games like this, and it is a mistake in the map design to have only one extract per spawn. I emplore you and everyone else to not extract camp, but in the end, it is a viable strategy, and isnt against the rules.


After some games, my experience:
A - Exit Point

  1. At first, there is just one exit point
    1.1 It is not revealed before a player chooses his launch zone. Depends the exit point from what launch zone the player selects?
    1.2 Is the exit point the same for both Red+Blue players?

  2. At the end of the game, for the last less than 2 minutes, there are many exit points. It is indeed usful to remember where they are, as they are - AFAIK - always the same.

  3. But in some games, the exit point changes after typically the first vehicle I am using, so with launch of second vehicle, the exit point is changed.
    But in many other games this is not true, there is one exit point until the last minute with many exit points.
    What is your experience, and why does the exit point change in mid-game?

B - Collectable Resources
Are the collectable resources always at the same place, in the same boxes?
So does it help to remember where you found collectable resources,

1.1 - The exit zone depends on where you spawn, each spawn has one exit zone.
1.2 - There are 4 total exit zones, each spawn gets one exit zone. They will be the same each game
2 - The 4 exits are always the same, and they all open at 1:30 left.
3 - I have never had the exit point randomly change, if you are seeing this it is probably because you are choosing a different spawn.

It appears to be random per match, however if you look on the map you can see icons at certain locations for certain materials, this means that you are more likely to find that specific material at that location. For the most part, if you just smash every box you will be able to find enough materials for a good run, and you can scavenge off people who have been killed in the later stages when all the locations have been looted.

For the vehicles which must be purchsed, e.g. Reptile, Amadillo, Rhino, Mule,
I can’t start with them, as the requirement ist “1 RT” ( rage token).
Does this mean using the vehicles COST me 1 RT, so 1 RT is consumed,
or must I just have gotten at least 1 RT to start with such a vehicle so I first have to use one of the 3 standard vehicles to gain such an RT, but it doesn’t cost me RTs ( which I need to collect decals or to purchase new vehicles?

I believe it costs you a rage token, and takes that rage token away from the amount that you take out of the match.

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A good strategy is to “optimize” = “maximize” the loot capacity

== 20 ==
Solid Echnida
Solid Porcupine, Powerful Porcupine
Strong Reptile

== 25 ==
Porcupine, Strong Porcupine

== 40 ==
Solid Boar, Powerful Boar

== 50 ==
Boar, Strong Boar

== 100 ==

So a strategy might be to add the modules “Imager” ( for use with binoculars and scope only to get visual marks of resources ) and especially “Rage Scanner” in prior of modified vehicles ( Solid, Strong, Power ).

However, from my experience, “Rage Scanner” is not working properly,
so in some cases there are not RTs anymore,
but often collectable resources.

I am unshure if the “imager” is useful for me, I never look by binoculars.
Scope is the “zoom view” ?
I rarely saw these green icons which shall sign special resources.

I have recently been first spawning the Mule, getting the 100 scrap out, then second spawning the Strong Boar, getting another 50 scrap out, usually with a kill or two on the way, then 3rd spawning the strong Rhino to go and hunt some kills, then 4th spawning either the strong Reptile or strong Porcupine to go collect rage point about the map and find some kills.

I only need about 100 armour and 300 rage to finish the event now


Is it a good strategy, to modify the first 3 vehicles,
to purchase the additional vehicles just because it is needed
and then get the “Mule”,
and to modfy just “Mule” completely?

First vehicle, second vehicle: Choose the spawn point in the “middle” of your map, as there the linked exit point is easier to travel to.

Last vehicle: However, for last vehicle, take the other spawn point, as this is then very next to the new spawn points offered at 1:30 lasting game time.

Use “Strong Boar” as vehicle for fast collection of resources and then to quit
Use “Echidna” as second vehicle to collect RageTokens. It is the only of the 3 given vehicles which can fight when driving forward ( Porcupine & Boar are VERY limited in immediate fighting )
Consequently, use Porcumine as 3rd. vehicle only.

Upgrade your vehicles to have the Rage Scanner!

I got the Mule now, too.
How to fire the back cannon?

Its not secondary gun ( as avaiable with Boar ), nor Machine gun ( as available with Boar )…

I have no idea tbh, I never used it. I asssumed it just worked like a machine gun with limited traverse, but if that isn’t the case i don’t know

I can’t find any button in the “WT Controls” to use it ( i.e. to shoot with it ) :-( .

Btw, its a nice present that “Mule” doesn’t need a RageToken :-) .

Now my “Mule” strategy is, to use it as 1st vehicle to collect resources.
If I am on the LEFT side, I try to drive to the exit.
If I amon the RIGHT side, I hide at right upper corner, until 2:00, so that I may exit at top-middle after 1:30.