M901 Sight extremely offset?

not really sure wether its a bug or it has to do with the sights placement but on slopes the sight is not centered with where I am actually aiming

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Wiesel with TOW had the same, their you actually see a circle with how much. This is in GFAB btw.

During the last update a lot of ATGM’s got nerfed really bad:
Huge drop from the launch tube;
Irratict flight path;
Damage seems to have taken a hit too, BMP3 survived ACRA missile to the side;
HOT on AMX13 can’t hit anything anymore at close range;
Vehicles with dual TOW launchers have the missile jerk to the center, instead of gradually moving towards the center like they did before;

All missiles launcher have that … Bug? …
It is perturbating but the missile follow the sight reticle and not the large circle.

That might be but in GFAB, the atgm would always come from the center of the main tank reticle, now it flies in from the launcher (more realistic).

The flight path is also less stable, the missile sways left to right or suddenly dips, further hitting specific parts of the vehicle more difficult.

To many missiles have a severe dip out of the tube, resulting in missile lost or need to expose the vehicle more to clear obstacles.
Furthermore when you aim up the worse flightpath and lack of agility make it harder to get the missile back down on target.

Some missile have this, others like the gun launched version, have this to a lesser degree or are not affected at all, the ACRA for as far as i could see is not affected at all.

Maybe it had something to do with the higher suited of the gun launched atgm’s
Maybe tonight i do a comparison with the atgm’s i have unlocked.

ATF-09 also has this problem.
it also got its velocity dropped from 500m/s to 305m/s, a 35% drop. Not recorded in any patch notes that i have seen.

Its weird because the leveling of the vehicle changes where the cursor is in relation to the target circle. Its not showing the launcher offset.

The reaction time for the missiles in flight seems to be reduced across the board too. It takes far longer to correct an atgm’s flight path, which makes no sense.

ATGMs were already strictly worse than APFSDS, now they are even worse. What was this trying to accomplish? If ATGMs were this bad IRL, no nation would use them.

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