M901 ITV (Improved TOW Vehicle)

I feel like the M901 is just not very fun, main issue i find it it somehow gets ammo racked with the launcher which…certain soviet tanks dont have problems with…i propose that gaijin removes the “turret” ammo rack completelly so this tank is actually playable

Except most vehicle that have an atgm launcher can also be ammo racked (with some inconsistency) so i don’t see your point here?

COUGH RUSSIAN BIAS Yeah its a stupid feature and should be removed alltogether

Not very fun???

Yes, most of the maps in the game dont suit it, and thats solely down to the fact that no matter where you go if the enemy sees your launcher youre dead for no reason.

Most of the vehicles I love are vehicles I hated at first

It’s kind of a rat tank, than can’t be killed when sitting behind a rock or other structure, so it just got re-balanced, because you used to be able to blow it up that way.


It can be killed, hiding won’t save it because they just need to shoot Ur launcher and you’re dead

I can get a kill without even hitting a target.

Hey man how are you

I just realized I accidentally mewed

It used to not be able to blow up though, it was quiet a long time ago too, and then they fixed it, then did it again, now it’s fixed again.

I’m about to fall asleep, and I just woke up two hours ago.

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