M735 APFSDS on 9.0 ish BRs

There is a plenty of vehicles with this round as the best ammunition. At the same time it’s the worst APFSDS at its BR. What’s more, a lot of people say that its nerf is wrong and the round should be back to how it was before it. What is the truth? Should M735 be that bad?

The main issue in my experience is post pen damage. The pen is good enough to go through any tank if aimed properly.

The post pen is really bad, and often can’t one shot tanks that would be easily one shot otherwise, such as Leopard 1s, or other similar tanks.

The pen is bad enough to where shots that would have been good for literally any other dart become bad…


There are far worse rounds at 8.7 such as L15A3 and 3BM25.
Of course M735 is among their ranks, and I’d say it’s the L15A3 of 9.3 for example. Not as bad as 3BM25 for each’s BR, but still pretty bad.

This shell is just bad. Probably 2nd only to the shells used on the t-55/62, which are the first production apfsds. 9.7 vehicles that has m735 as the main shell need something better