M6A2 “Line Backer” I was wanting to know if they would add the m6a2 line backer in the game
It would be significantly good light tank and good anti air vic in ground battles because of its 4 stingers and 25mm main gun
Do you guys think this would be a good vic in GRB

Me personally, I would rather see Gaijin introduce the M-SHORAD (very specifically the Increment 3, which I have talked about before in a topic) than the Linebacker. We already have a lot of SPAAG at the BR it would be (LAV-AD, Imp. Chapperel, etc.), and adding more doesn’t fix the current issue of our top SPAAG being classed as an SPG. (it’s good- but I want a designated SPAAG, please).

But once we have that issue fixed, I am all for adding the Linebacker foldered underneath the LAV-AD or Imp. Chap. or something. It’s another fun SPAAG to add overall to the 9.3-10.3 lineup.

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It would probly be to overpowered due to the hellfire Misslie that it has and wouldn’t be as effective as I see a m2a2 in battle but I don’t much about the tank

Have you seen how they implemented spikes? lol

The only reason that missile would be strong on a helicopter is because you’re firing from above.

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Well, given SPIKES in game, and the Hellfire’s in game, I don’t think the Hellfire Ls would be OP at all. They need a fairly long range in order to fire, so they really are only useful against Heli’s, from the ground, which is huge! But also not huge enough to make me sit here and say it shouldn’t be added, because it doesn’t accomplish much in terms of fast moving air targets or ground targets.

It would be much more capable than an M6A2/M2A2, and here is why.

The Linebacker is armed with the standard 25mm cannon found on the Bradley’s. The M-SHORAD Increment 3 is armed with the XM914 30mm automatic cannon, with, and this is important, the XM 1223 MMPA (Multi Mode Proximity Airburst) munition. AKA Proxy rounds. Not only that, but it will receive the NGSRI (Next Generation Short Range Interceptor) missile, which is a Stinger but better in literally every aspect. It also has some nice Radar. I have more about it posted in a separate topic, which I can link when I have time.

I just want a better bradly line ok I don’t want some other nonsense ive never heard about

It’s a SPAAG. It wouldn’t even go in the Bradley line?

Also, the M-SHORAD is incredible. Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. Don’t diss the M-SHORAD

I could care less about what ever that is mate

Then why did you declare it OP if you don’t even know what it is?

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