M61 A1 fire rate not correctly modeled

A while back I found a publicly released manual for the F-4 C, D and E variants that mentioned the General dynamics M61 A1 was historically capable of switching between a ‘slow’ 4000 rpm and ‘fast’ 6000 rpm fire rate, which would allow for a large improvement to trigger time. If this is not the correct place to report historical inacuracies or more evidence is needed let me know.

Thanks to turuville on discord for doing most of the research and helping find sources

Source 1: F-4 non nuclear weapons delivery manual, page 161
image 1

Source 2: General dynamics M61 brochure
image 2

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Adding additional sources here as I can only post 2 links

Source 3: FAS report on the M61

Source 4: The machine gun, page 50
image 4

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500 rounds is used in 5 seconds on A-7K, which is 6000 rounds per minute.

Ziga is talking about being able to change them (Like helicopters can)