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M60T Main Battle Tank is extensively modernised M60A1, currently in active service Turkish Armed Forces. Modernisation package developed by Israeli firm IMI and upgrade undertaken by 2nd Main Maintenance Center Command in Turkey between 2007-2009 with IMI supplied kits. Total of 170 M60A1 were upgraded to Sabra Mark II standards and accepted in service as M60T. M60T made its combat debut Fırat Kalkanı Harekâtı (Operation Euphrates Shield) in 2016. Although M60T has shown great success, its shortcomings became evident. In order to increase overall effectiveness and fix those shortcomings, a new modernisation program was launched during 2017 by Presidency of Defence Industries with the experiences gained from Operation Euphrates Shield. Fırat Modernisation Program completed in 2020 with a total of 169 M60T upgraded under designation of M60TM.


M60TM Main Battle Tank is further modernization of M60T which itself is extensive modernization of M60A1. After Fırat Kalkanı Harekâtı (Operation Euphrates Shield), M60T’s shortcomings becomes apparent, in 2017 The Fırat Modernisation Project was initiated with the experiences gained from Fırat Kalkanı Harekâtı (Operation Euphrates Shield) to fix those shortcomings and enhance the overall survivability and lethality of M60T. During operations approximately 30 M60T were damaged by ATGM attacks, in order to prevent further loses program quickly started with already existing components used in earlier programs such as Leopard 2A4NG and ongoing Altay Project. Fırat Modernisation Project completed in 2020 and all 169 M60T were upgraded to TM level.

Scope of Fırat Modernisation Project

Aim of Fırat Modernization Program was to increase protection for both tank and crew, enhanced firing capability and increased situational awareness. Upgrade was undertaken by ASELSAN in ASELSAN Facilities. Under modernization program following sub-systems and technologies were integrated to M60T:

YAMGOZ Enhanced 360° Close Range Surveillance System

YAMGOZ Surveillance System is a high-performance day-night vision system designed mainly for Main Battle Tanks, Tracked and Wheeled Platforms. YAMGOZ provides enhance situational awareness and maneuvering capability in harsh weather and environment. System composes of 4-YAMGOZ with 360° day-night and thermal view.

Main Features
• Thermal Imager
• Day-Night Imager
• RWS-FCS Compatibility
• Fusion View with Day Camera & Thermal Imager



SARP Remote Controlled Weapon Station

SARP is a compact, remotely operated stabilized weapon platform with high-precision surveillance capabilities and superb firepower. It can be integrated onto vehicles or fixed posts to provide firepower against air, ground, and asymmetric threats. SARP has ability to mount 7,62mm machine-gun, 12.7mm heavy machine-gun and 40 mm automatic grenade launcher in accordance with the operational needs.

Main Features
• Laser Range Finder
• Day and Night Imaging
• Gyro Aided Stabilization
• Automatic Target Tracking
• Automatic Ballistic Calculation
• Shoot-On-the-Move Capability for Stationary and Moving Targets

Brochure with More Information


TEPES Telescopic Periscope System

TEPES Telescopic Periscope System long-range stabilized surveillance system. TEPES provides see-before-seen capabilities to integrated vehicle, greatly increasing surveillance and situational awareness of the vehicle.

Main Features
• Automatic Target Tracking
• Laser Range Finder, 100-20,000m
• Thermal and Color Day TV Cameras
• Interoperability with Other Systems (LWR, RCWS etc.)

Brochure with More Information


TLUS Tank Laser Warning System

TLUS Laser Warning System is an advance threat detection system with ability to detect, classify and identify laser threats aiming on the platform and activate countermeasure systems in a short response time and with high sensitivity. TLUS is designed to detect laser threats operating on various optical bands such as Laser Range Finders (LRF), Laser Designators (LD) and Laser Beam Riders (LBR).

Main Features
• High Sensitivity
• Threat Tracking
• Fast Response Time
• Threat Classification (LRF, LTD, LBR)

Brochure with More Information


PULAT Active Protection System

PULAT is an active protection system with ability to detect and destroy incoming projectiles in optimum ranges by using hard-kill methods. Depending on placements, PULAT can provide 360° protection, it can also detect and destroy multiple threats effectively. PULAT is based on Ukrainian ZASLON-L active protection system. PULAT unlike ZASLON-L, designed as more compact, modular units. As PULAT based on ZASLON-L, it can only protect against ATGMs and rockets.

Do note that, not every M60TM received PULAT, both M60TMs with and witouht PULAT used in active operations.

Main Features
• Hard-Kill Ability
• Modular Structure
• Operational Against Multiple Threats
• Fast Response Time Against Asymmetric Threats.

Brochure with More Information


ADIS Tank Driver Vision System

ADIS is a high-performance vision system designed for main battle tanks and other platforms to provide superior vision and maneuvering capability in harsh weather and battlefield conditions.

Main Features

• Thermal Imager
• Day and Night Usage
• Situational Awareness
• Advanced Vision Capability

Brochure with More Information


ASELSAN Brochure about Upgrade

General Specifications


M60TM did not received any upgrade to its main armament, it retains powerful MG253 120mm L/44 smoothbore cannon. Secondary armament however, received an huge upgrade. M19 Cupola mounted 12.7mm heavy machine-gun removed alongside M19 cupola. Instead, M60TM received ASELSAN SARP remote controlled weapon system with 12.7mm heavy machine-gun at the back of the turret. SARP is highly potent weapon system, it has target tracking ability. It would be quite effective system if its tracking ability implemented.


Mobility of M60TM is another aspect which stays the same. M60TM is still powered by MTU MT 881 KA-501 diesel engine coupled with Renk 304S transmission. Due to new system, performance might be slightly lower, but exact numbers of additional weight of power-to-weight ration is not available.


M60TM’s overall protection is greatly increased with integration of PULAT active protection system and TLUS laser warning system. Although the armor protection remain pretty much the same, ERA & NERA layout is not changed and turret still sports 8 smoke grenade launchers.

PULAT Coverage

It should be noted that not all M60TM received PULAT active protection system. Some M60TM pressed into active service without integration of PULAT. This should be represented in game as having two models of M60TM, one with PULAT and one without it.

Here You Can See M60TM In Active Service Without PULAT Active Protection System

M60TM In Full Configuration (PULAT and YAMGÖZ Integrated)


  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Mass: +59 Tons
    • Length: 6.9 m
    • Width: 3.6 m
    • Height: 4.1 m
  • Armament
    • Main Armament: IMI MG253 120 mm L/44 Smoothbore Cannon
    • Secondary Armament:
      ∙ 7.62mm Co-Axial Machine Gun
      ∙ SARP Remotely Controlled Weapon Station Mounted M2HB 12.7mm Heavy Machine-Gun
    • Ammunition Capacity
      ∙ 42 120mm Cannon Rounds
      ∙ 10,000 7.62mm Co-Axial Machine Gun
      ∙ 3,200 12.7mm Machine-Gun Rounds ˀ
  • Mobility
    • Engine: MTU MT 881 KA-501 Diesel Engine, 1000 Horsepower
    • Transmission: RENK 304S Automatic Transmission, 4 Forward, 4 Reverse
    • Suspension: Torsion Bar
    • Maximum Speed: 55 km/h
    • Power to Weight: Around 16 hp/t (Likely a Little Less)
  • Protection
    • Hull Armor
      ∙ Explosive Reactive Armor
    • Turret Armor
      ∙ Non-Explosive Reactive Armor
      ∙ Explosive Reactive Armor ˀ
      ∙ Slat Armor
    • Active Protection System: PULAT
    • Smoke Grenades: 8x
  • Accessories
    • Night Sight
      ∙ Gunner
      ∙ Commander
      ∙ Driver
    • Thermal Sight
      ∙ Gunner
      ∙ Commander
      ∙ Driver
    • Laser Range Finder
    • Laser Warning Reciever
    • Automatic Target Tracking
    • See-Before-Seen Capability
    • Telescopic Periscope System
    • 360° Close Range Surveillance System
    • Hunter-Killer Capacity (Commander’s Override)

Implementation to War Thunder

M60TM should be reserved Turkish Ground Forces Tech Tree. Highly capable M60T would be even more competitive with modern sub-system. It would fare similar play style with Merkavas. M60TM should be introduced in two separate vehicle, one sporting PULAT active protection system and one without it since both versions are in active service in Turkish Armed Forces. M60TM would fit nicely around 10.3.-10.7 Battle Rating depending on configuration.

Additional Photos


Note Missing PULAT Active Protection System


PULAT APS General Information and Firing Test


PULAT in Motion

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Short Video about Integration of PULAT APS


PULAT Field Testing (Quite long video, watch onward from 16:48)





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+1 could be a cool event for Israel maybe or for a possible turkish tech tree


The ultimate M60! +1


The most modern M60, proven in active combat, should definitely be added. Also this version has a periscope like Strv122 PLSS. While playing PLSS, it was both functional and fun.


This version haves Spall liner

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never gonna happen, but would be a very cool addition for the US

Well considering we’re getting the Patton Abrams abomination more m60’s could be added

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More likely to come to israel as its roots with the Sabra

Yeah, no. Sabra has nothing to do with US, if its not going to be part of Turkish Tree, Israel is the only place it should be added.

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