M60 105mm variant Gunner sight

The gunner sight for the M60s, are not correct. It’s the sight is to the left of the gun like most USA armor. In game, the sight is located on the top of the turret if using the gunner sight to aim. It is just a vision prism for the gunner when the commander swings the turret to the target to be engaged. Kind of frustrating to use when you’re trying to aim like 2ft from where the gun is for CQ engagements.

It would make the M60s more lethal if this was readjusted.

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now that the niceties are out of the way, dude, I don’t really know what you are talking about.

First of all, the gunsight for the M60’s is correct. the periscope sight (on top of the turret) is the main sight, and the telescope to the right of the gun (not the left) is the backup sight. the M60 is different that the Sherman where the periscope sight could have been the backup.

Secondly, I have messed with this in the training room and when you are 3 ft from the enemy and you put the sights on and pull the trigger, the game basically treats the shell as flying directly out of that sight (or the sight being in the barrel) because there is literally 0 offset that I could see.

Now there is a issue with the M60s gunsight where if you use the rangefinder it should put the range to target into the sight automatically, but that isn’t what you are talking about.


Most of the time people didn’t have much problem with this. Because they usually had “Camera from tank gunner sight” option turn off . which will make your aiming sight came directly from main cannon or center of those cannons (like SPAA)

However in SB (Simulator Battle) they’ll force everyone to use gunner sight.
But you can turn that option on to use them inside AB , RB as well.

To OP.
I agree that they should let us use any others back up sight as we needed