M551(76) what is the small window on the front?

I’ve been trying to google it for a bit now but i dont know what its called or the functionality of it. Can anyone shed light on what is this little window? its on the normal m551 as well.

The plate on the top of the hull front is a “swim vane” and part of the flotation system. The clear plate is a window in it so the driver can see where they are going to sink.


It’s part of the splash guard for the Sheridan as the M551 is amphibious IRL. Now if you are wondering why it is not in-game it is because it would require a bit of preparation to make it amphibious that aren’t considered by gaijin as practical in battles so they don’t make them amphibious. Now if you are wonder why that is their on the splash guard its for the drives so they can still see in front of them without getting blocked by the splash guard.

It wasn’t very helpful. Since water splashed on it all the time.

Why its not practical: