M48A1 light

does the M48 actually have a infrared light or was that just a mistake in the images?

what images are you referring to?

i see no mention of it (the IR light above the mantlet) anywhere but its in every picture i see for it, is it the Night vision modifification?

Development blogs are not final product.
the light was removed before release:

M48 missing light box above gun - Already Reported & Solved Issues - War Thunder - Official Forum


ok thanks

Well actually. What’s really weird is that on the live server release of Update 1.59 “Flaming Arrows.” the new addition American M48A1 did actually have the searchlight from the dev blog pictures as proven by this very old player’s screenshot from 2016:

Gaijin then shortly after removed it from the M48A1 for what I presume was the searchlight being only added to the later M48A3 model historical accuracy bug report that you listed.

But then all of a sudden they mysteriously added it back on the M48A1 again for Update 1.73 “Vive La France” in 2017:

and finally after the next update it got removed again and hasn’t changed ever since.