M48, M60, T95E1 cupola turning too slowly "not a bug", but Conqueror gets to have fast rotation?

Why exactly is this not a bug? Almost all cupolas and roof mounted machine guns’ rotation and elevation speed was changed (buffed) to be more effective against air vehicles.

The worst part is that the Conqueror has basically the exact layout of a large cupola with a machine gun, but it actually turns fast, unlike the listed vehicles.

I don’t want to spam more threads, but WHY were my bug reports shot down for the stupidest reasons?
MIM146 having less angled penetration that EVERY OTHER HEAT-based projectile in-game somehow “not a bug”, and I’m somehow supposed to prove that with documentation which is impossible to find, hell, even the flat penetration is questionable as being correct and they expect me to find this, which is quite obviously wrong???

Or this one,T-90M, VT4A1, M1A2 SEPv2’ RWS rotates very fast, while the XM803, with the same configuration, has a really slow rotation speed?

@Smin1080p Can you explain this please?

Well, like the moderator said, you need sources for this kind of stuff.

Those tanks are long obsolete so I’m sure you can find one.

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I mean, if it’s historical, it would make sense for it to be changed, but I don’t know that in depth about the M-60, so I couldn’t tell you, get a source, and they will believe it, otherwise, your out of luck.

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That’s the point, I’m bug reporting something which is very obviously a bug, as I’ve described, which shouldn’t require sources.

M48, M60, T95E1 were all LEFT OUT of the rooftop MG rotation and elevation speed buff which happened a few years ago, and now I’m supposed to prove that they should have faster speeds?

Same with the MIM146, as I wrote, the ONLY HEAT projectile in-game with less angled pen that every other one, is “not a bug”, this requiring proof is as stupid as asking for proof that bombs explode…


Neither of your reports contain any sources to support your claims they are incorrect. Unfortunately without any evidence, they are not valid reports.