M42 Contraero Ammunition Problem

While I get that this game is trying to be realistic with how much ammunition vehicles can carry around. From a gameplay standard this just makes the M42 Contraero an absolute chore to play.

Realistically there would be vehicles dedicated to carrying extra ammunition for vehicles but from a gameplay standard that just isn’t going to happen. The M42 gets a maximum of 1 minute and 30 seconds of ammunition before it needs to crawl it’s way over to an objective to restock. Which is something that AAA aren’t really equipped for. You are basically forced to go on a suicide run to the objective. Then you need to sit and pray that no one has seen or is actively challenging you on the objective and then maybe just maybe will you be able to squeak out an extra few rounds before dying to a vehicle you’ve essentially overexposed yourself to because of your lack of ammunition. The M42 should at the very least get double it’s ammunition for a much more enjoyable Italian AAA experience.


It would be cool but honestly I haven’t had any problems with it if it’s for planes than you need to be careful and try to do accurate shots but for tanks you can still pen t34s turret at least, I also think it may be historically impossible for it but I don’t know, another nice thing they could do it’s reduce the rearm speed at any captured point