M4/t26 VS the other Shermans... Just pointing out the Obvious Hatred for the U.S Tech Tree

Sherman Firefly 4.7 BR

Crazy how a tank with a worse shell is at 6.0 B.R

French Sherman

lol… Italian Sherman

your comparing the stock shell to the best shells of the others. Also its a 90mm so it should have more post pen.


Yeah the post pen would matter, in a downtier, not an uptier, because you most likely, are not going through anything at 6.7, and in a downtier post pen doesn’t matter when everything else has APHE or APCBC, not to mention its reload time is 9.7 stock.

And the T33 Shell behaves just like the French 5.0 Sherman shell. There’s no reason the M4-T26 should be at 6.0 br its gun makes no difference in anything, its a Sherman.

The M4/T26 has superior mobility and much superior turret armor to all the Shermans mentioned. M82 APCBC not only is extremely likely to one shot but can still go through most medium tanks at the BR, with that one shot potential in mind. Explosive filler also allows for significantly greater use of weak spots like cupolas.

Should it be lower BR? Possibly, but no more than 5.7.


Firefly would like more than 5 degrees depression, and not forgetting one of the most wobbly guns whose accuracy drops at range. Turret is easier to pen too.

(Justifying the French, Italian, and GB, only)

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Don’t leave the Israeli Sherman out of the mix. That sits at 6.0 with a 105.

wait, thats a sherman o.0

No it’s a king tiger

Yes. The M-51 (iirc) it has the same gun/ammo combination as an AMX-30.

M4/T26 without m304 but M36 have in5.3. gaijin good job!