M4 Sherman series Engine deck armor

Has anyone more info on the engine deck of the Shermans, or even one itself?
For what i have found is that the mainplate (except for the M4A3, as it doesnt have it, but the smaller end plate) are interchagable, the manual of the M4A4 sayes 1/2 inch for roof (back)
And i got 2 pictures from the plate of an M4A1 where the retractable handle sits, also confirming 0.5 inch or 12,7mm thickness.


M4 Engine Deck
The cut out part is the handle at the (from the perspective) front left and right the little handles.

While in game the deck plate is on some tanks 19-25mm thick.

Did you just vandalize a historical piece just to measure the thickness of its armor?

That wasnt me and that was cut out cince it was rusted through, they replaced it with a new plate with handle.
It comes from a restauration.

Lol, I knew you wouldn’t do that, I was just kidding :P