M3A3 Bradley Suspension needs to be reworked. Too Floaty / Also the M3A3 gets reactive armor

The M3A3 Bradley’s suspension is too soft. It doesn’t rock back and forth so much when you stop from. It should rock forward and then snap back to a neutral position once stopped but in the game itself. It rocks back and forth a few times like it’s on water. I would know. I served in the US. Army as a 19D and drove one of these bad beast. I know it’s a non-issue since it has a stabalized gun but it’s the little details that make vehicles great for me and this one just irks me.

Also this thing gets reactive armor. Can this be added as an modification?


I’m bumping this one. Not only because of the suspension, but because of the reactive armor tiles. It almost feels unfair that PUMA and 2S38 both get reactive armor built in but M3A3 does not have an option to get fitted with its kit. It’s not like you get shot at with anything but APFSDS at 9.7, but it can potentially save the vehicle from stock HEAT-FS. I don’t even care if it will raise its br. You still can’t make any decent f2p lineups at 9.7 without adding premium or event/marketboard vehicles.