M3A3 Bradley lacks spall liner in game


This is the Xray model of the Leopard 2a7v and you can see the spall liner modeled here.

But the M3A3 Bradley is also listed on the patch notes to have spall liner but It is not modeled in the Xray. When I tested rounds on the sides of the M3A3 Bradley the spall cone was wide like the spall liner was missing. Here is an image of the X Ray on the M3A3 Bradley to show its missing. Even if you look through the armor tab on preview, the spall liner is still not shown.


They dont care about US tanks


It’s probably inside the Armor.

It also lacks a properly damage modelled missile? it’s ridiculous that the pen rate on the tow-2b is only 100mm, but the unclassified studies on it say 430mm. accuracy is at best a polite suggestion to the devs, but mostly a something that gets in the way of stronk vehicles


Tow 2b really struggles to damage tanks


Has anyone seen the new Spall Liner? It doesn’t cover really much at all. Is there information on what it does cover IRL or is that it.?

The spall liner is about as useful as a chocolate fire shield.


The M3A3 is missing the turret basket armor around turret crew. Interestingly, the M3 Bradley in game has it but not the M3A3. Spall liner in the new bradleys are there to cover the dismounts in the back. Or in this case on the CFV version, the TOW missiles.


The M3A3 is also missing its titanium roof armor. Titanium has a mass efficiency of 1.5, RHA being the baseline at 1. Im not certain what value the aluminum roof armor has, but it has to be lower than RHA. There are ALOT of issues with American and NATO vehicles due to “non-creditable” sources. What we players need to be demanding is the sekrit documents that Gaijin does use or enjoy the next boycott.

This is to allow the game to be “balanced” because we have seen how current “special military operations” and their vehicles are performing in a certain European country. Cant have that country being “misrepresented” otherwise, the next time the Gaijin big wigs are on a personal aircraft, it may end up like Wagners airplane.

When most vehicle kills are from “crew knocked out” due to spall and not the initial projectile, this is a patently false claim.

Yes that A4 paper size spall liner in front of the driver is going to work wonders for the crew lmafo!!! It was a one shot b4 the spall liner and it’s still a one shot afterwards. It does absolutely nothing.