M3a3 bradley 500 rpm fire rate

Why does the M3a3 Bradley not have the optional fire rate of 500 rpm just like it does in real life?

where have you seen such fire rate IRL?

please use ctrl f and search

I’m guessing a bug report would need another couple of sources that no one will be able to provide.

If it were Russian, I’m sure this one source would be enough.


If I recall the fire rate IRL has some sort of limiter or something though I’m not exactly sure and could be wrong. The ADATS (XM1096) though does have that fire rate but the war thunder wiki says it has a modified version. In any case I don’t think they set the gun to normally fire that fast on the Bradley so even if it is capable of it and is proven it probably wouldn’t change a thing if the Bradley gun has itself isn’t set to that fire rate in reality.

it is said the gun is capable but mount should be aswell , Bradley never had 500RPM setting

it says that the gun comes with a 200rpm gun, with an optional 500rpm fire rate

Just like moderator said in this topic, voltage issue, Bradley’s max fire rate is 200rpm.

Not voltage, just the motor installed for the gun mount, the 242 is driven by a electric motor to facilitate it’s firing cycle, the ADATS has a beefier motor present which sustains a higher ROF, you can in theory just install that motor into the bradley’s 242, but thats not the design goal of the vehicle as it is, so its not been done.

For reference, the ADATS’s motor is 8 horsepower while the Bradley’s is 1 horsepower.


If this was a russian vehicle they would have given it the better motor anyways and they would have said they did it for balance.

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I personally think that the XM813(BSV) demonstrator would be a pretty cool upgrade considering that the LAV-25 and M1296 are still nowhere to be seen, and there is a noticeable gap in capability (and BR) between the M3A3 and the HSTV-L.