M32 cannon ammo for domestic and exports

I have always loved the bulldogs, they have been used all around the world. The Japan/Us B-dog should also get Heat-t.


deparntment defense pic proof
department defense heat t being bought

[The production at Cadillac started in 1951, replacing gradually the M24 Chaffee. At the same time, the initial surname “Little Bulldog” was replaced by “Walker Bulldog” to honor the memory of a tank General killed in a Jeep accident in Korea in 1950. The M41 was produced from 1951-1954. The M41 was in service from 1954-1967 when it was phased out by the M551 Sheridan. Until then, and its first deployment in Korea, many modifications occurred, later turned into production variants.
The M41A1 was the first production variant, in 1954. The electric traverse system was replaced by a hydraulic traverse, the extra room allowed to increase the ammunition storage from 57 to 65 rounds.
The M41A2 appeared in 1956, with an engine upgrade, the fuel injected Continental AOS 895-3 replacing the ancient carburetor fuel system.
The M41A3 was upgraded M41/M41A1 to the new fuel injection system.
The M42 Duster was the anti-aircraft variant, with a twin Bofors 40 mm guns turret replacing the turret.](76mm Gun Tank M41 Walker Bulldog - Tank Encyclopedia)

Nor Germany,Us, or japan used a m41 in combat. Although the bulldog stayed in commission for many years by a lot of countries, they were used together in training exercises

[The M41 quickly replaced the M24 Chaffee in US Army front line units and all of the first production vehicles were sent to NATO units in Europe which at the time were facing the massive USSR armies behind the iron curtain where tensions have been increasing steadily since the Berlin Airlift in 1948.

These M41s with US troops are taking part in a training exercise in an European town in the 1950’s. Note the wooden blocks stored on the front hull which were used to prevent the tank from rolling when parked.](M41 Walker Bulldog in combat – Mike's Research)

Us bulldog in a military prowl alongside infanty

As you can see Heat-t was produced by Us factories, LOOK to the bottom last line.

Later on injection upgrades were made which was just updating the carbs aka the m41a3. No other changes to the m41 or a1. The only big change occurred in 1954 which changed the turret traverse. As time went on the m41/m41a1s all eventually turned in m1a3s. Same tank, same ammo

In the four-man crew was a commander, gunner, loader, and driver. The M-41A3 carried 65 rounds of high-explosive, white phosphorous, armor-piercing, high-velocity armor piercing (HVAP) and/or high-explosive antitank (HEAT) ammunition for its 76mm gun. A .30-caliber machine gun was mounted coaxially beside the cannon, and a .50-caliber machine gun was mounted on the turret roof. The tank could be fitted with infrared night vision equipment.

I’ll post some tomorrow, feel free to chime in. Fun read



Whats up?

well that would warrant a BR increase to 6.3 to match the LekPz M41

they can always not give it , US 6.0 only has M41A1 for it

u mean not give it a BR increase?

no way… dont they have that frankenstein sherman? but i see your point, in that case, giving it a BR increase along with the HEAT-fs would actually help the 6.3 lineup so i think its a win-win

I meant the round

but… you want them to give it to the m41 right?

I’m torn on this one. I hate HEATFS being in the mix with WWII vehicles but I think the M41A1 could benefit from it.

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Fair points its just weird they gave it to Germany and not Japan, even weirder not the creators of the ammo and tank. Heat-fs was already on tanks in the 1950s, the bulldog entered service in 1954, and was in Europe. They stayed in Europe and were also sent to japan, thats how so many of them ended up in other countries all around. They did really well in south america with all the forests/jungles. Later they ended up knocking out a ton of t54s in Vietnam. Of course using heat-fs. Another thing im looking into is the french had them at one point, but its so hard to find stuff on the internet for it

possibly the reason is that germany inducted the latest version of the tank alongside the HEAT-FS but America was using the bulldog before HEATFS was introduced onto it. hence why but agreed they should equalise the models unless the players wanna keep it like that (theres only one other 6.0 in america so giving it heat and 6.3BR will allow it to attend the 6.3 lineup)

The last model was made in 1956, did germany have a full military by then? Just curious i dont actually know. The m46 patton tanks were already using 90mm heat fs. The latest version was also the first, it was just updating carburetors to injection. So technically the first m41, not even the m41a1 could be called a m41a3 after it eventually got fuel injection. I’ll have to find the article it talks about the french 105 and 90 US cannon preferring heat in the 50s. Thanks for the comment, great points

idk either 🥲

Considering the Berlin wall was into the 60s… i doubht west germany got the tanks and ammo before the US that made and donated it after training other Europeans. East germany was controlled by russian for a very long time before they fought back

The berlin wall fell in 1989 before Germany was united again, not trying to be a douche at all, just history. I dont know exactly about western Germany, they were a lot well off that the communist side tho. Stalin had bankrupted the entire country and it fell, the cold war ended from the USSR being broke, in around 1990. Russian became after, still using stalin stuff today. When you see the IS3 tank, he knew some shit