M2A1 Halftrack (M20 recoiless rifle)

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General Info
After the second world war, Italy was pretty much left without a complete or fully equipped army, so a series of re-armament programs begun. This was due to how Italy was not actually under occupation from the allies, due to their efforts at the end of WW2 to join the allies and fight alongside them in high numbers. Italy was treated differently and due to a rising enemy known as the soviet union and the beginning of the cold war, the US and many of its allies seeked as much manpower and help as possibile. Many of the vehicles which were left scattered around Italy would be fixed and put back into service inside the Italian army. However there would also be a lot of donations from other allied countries such as in this case, the USA, who left Italy with many M2A1 Half tracks and the 75mm M20 Recoiless rifle. The Halftrack served under the US army in WW2 in nearly every unit, it was a great troop transport and would also be used as a reconnaissance vehicle from time to time, that and the fact that it could traverse pretty much anywhere it wanted to go thanks to its unique design, made it a great reliable and versatile vehicle. One of the only flaws this vehicle had was suvivalbility, the armour if you can call it that would range from 6-12mm thick, which means it will cease to exist if an enemy does spot it. It had a white 160AX inline six engine that meant the vehicle could reach speeds of 45km an hour. In terms of the armament, the M20 Recoiless rifle arrived during the late stages of WW2 due to a need for a lightweight weapon that was needed to defend infantry and light armor units. Although it partook in WW2, the main time it was used was during the Korean war, thanks to it being lightweight it was able to be installed on pretty much anything. It had access to a Heat charge that would allow it to pen up to 100mm armour. In Italian service the vehicle was used a lot due to the need of many vehicles, the ‘Lagunari’ would be one of the many users of the vehicle inside of the Italian army.

x1 M20 75mm Recoiless rifle (Heat warhead)



Why it should be in game
It should be in game as it would be a great low/mid tier vehicle, its unique and was used by italy extensively post war, also due to the model being in game already it would be an easy add since they’d just have to model the recoiless rifle that came with it. It wouldn’t be too OP since armour wise its pretty much non existent,so once its spotted even machine gun fire could potentially bring its crew back to hanger.



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Will never say no to recoilless rifles xD


This could be a nice little bridge between the AS 42/47 and AB 43. Hard to say how the M20 will perform tho, HEAT rounds can be a little tricky sometimes.

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+1 pretty cool i wanna play it

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