M274 Mechanic Mule with M40 Recoilless rifle, Open top boom stick

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Well today I would like to suggest a updated version of my first suggestion on the old forums that being the M274 mechanical mule mounting the M40 Recoilless(which I will refer to as the M274-M40)
The M274-M40 uses early variants of guns that we all are familiar with, and that some even love or despise, the M40 106mm recoilless rifle and it’s accompanying M80 spotting rifle/machine gun. The M40 Recoilless Rifle was equipped with M334A1 HEAT and M361A1 HEP-T/HESH rounds, however during Vietnam the M40 would show just how versatile it was using the APERS “beehive” round which contained 6000 steel flechettes, now for this particular vehicle I would like to suggest it be given the APERS “beehive” round to be used as a form of semi AA shell to make up for being completely exposed as well as be essentially a shrapnel shell that could be used on light armour.


  • M40 Recoilless Rifle - 7rds(6 on floor + 1 in chamber)
    M334A1 HEAT
    M361A1 HEP-T/HESH
    (Potential) M581 APERS “Beehive”


  • Engine
    Willys A04-53 - 16hp
  • Top Speed
  • Weight+PWR(Power Weight Ratio)
    1,257lbs, 570kg, .57t, PWR:0.013 hp/lb
  • No suspension of any kind

If I have made any mistakes that you have noticed or if you have more information than what I can find or get access to (mind you I’m unemployed and unable to purchase books that may contain information on these vehicles) then please share them with me and I will add it to the suggestion





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Real mule with a recoilless rifle.+1

“Back blast clear?”

Sorry, I had to.

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