M270 Lanciarazzi Multiplo

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General Info
The story of the M270 MLRS began during the late stages of the cold war, NATO as a whole had began to realise that the USSR’s rocket strike capability, especially on self-propelled platforms had increasingly began to be superior to what most armies in Europe would field. Most NATO members had some sort of experience in developing self-propelled rocket platforms, but with so many nations with different doctrines and designs, it was time to standardize the use of rocket artillery. This was mainly done so that logistics would be simpilified and interopertability of platforms became streamlines as if most nations used that same vehicle, it meant that there would likely never be an issue in finding troops to field such a platform. Italy during that era would actually have experimented with rocket artillery, more specifically BPD with the FIROS family of vehicles. Another example would also be with a tri-national program for the vehicle known as the RS-80 120mm MRL, which OTO Melara would be involved in. These programs helped Italy get valuable know how and enough experience to help develop future vehicles of that type. Eventually what would happen was the begining of a joint effort by lead by the USA,UK,France,West Germany and Italy to design a new platform named MLRS, standing for Multiple Launch Rocket System. After various prototypes and some specific variants the project would be deemed a success, and the nations who began to develop it would swiftly begin license production to incorporate the platform into their respective armies (The first operational M270 battery was formed in March 1983). The project being deemed a success would further be renforced when it partook in the Gulf War, the M270 would play a critical role there and is deemed to be one main factors in the early defence of saudi arabia. The M270 can be divided into 2 main pieces, the actual launcher and the M993 carrier vehicle. The M270 MLRS has access to an armored cabin which inside of it has a firing computer, allowing the platform to intervene and be ready to fire at a moments notice. The first variants of the M270 MLRS would have access to 12 rockets, but later down the line the launcher would be modified to accomodate various types of missiles and guided rockets. The actual cell which the crews operate in is not the most protected, however according to sources it should have enough armor to withstand small arms fire and shell splinters in case of a counter rocket attack from an enemy threat. In terms of its mobility, the M270 MLRS is not the quickest vehicle of its class, it is equipped with a Cummins diesel engine which allows the vehicle to reach speeds of up to 64km an hour (other nations with different variants may have slight differences with the engine). Depending on if its firing missiles or rockets, the M270 has a rate of fire of 12 missiles per minute or 18 rockets per minute. In terms of Italy and this vehicle, Italy gained their first batch of MLRS in the year 1988, the first users being ‘‘La scuola d’Artiglieria di Bracciano’’. As soon as Italy recieved them, training the future crews was their priority, once crews would be trained the MLRS platfrom began to be delviered to regiments such as the 5° rgt. artiglieria ‘‘Superga’’. Overall an approximate 1300 units would be manufactured by several companies up until 2003. Italy has financed several upgrade programs including ones aimed to modernise the M270 MLRS, as such this system will remain in service for many years with upgrades to not only the FCS but also armament.

x1 M269 launcher (able to fire missiles such as GMLRS, GMLRSER, PRSM, ATACMS)




Why it should be added
Would be a fun vehicle to play with, if added in the game there’s a high chance other countries may recieve their version too, such as Israel, Japan, Germany, UK, France and USA. Wouldn’t be very mobile or armoured, ammo count would limited. Players would be forced to snipe with it for it to be effective.



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Losat for Italy. Why not +1.

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High tier Italian event vehicle me thinks


+1 italy needs it