M26 Honest John

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M26 Honest John

1x MGR-1A Honest John 762mm ground to ground rocket
500 Kg TNT warhead
Nuclear warhead possibility
Various ammunition

Eigne: Continetal R6602 6cyl
Fuel: Gasoline
Power: 196Hp
Top speed: 120 km/h
Length: 12.9m
Widht: 3.05m
Weight: 21.5 Tons
Crew: Unknown

i just want to state this first, Norway used this for a while, and so did many other countries.The country of origin, wich in this case is USA, will of cource recieve this before any of the other nations with this being used in their military.

Launcher, Rocket, 762-mm, Truck-Mounted, M289, “Honest John” rocket launcher on M139D (modified M139C) chassis. The development of the “Honest John” missile started as early as 1950 and was the USA’s first tactical nuclear weapon.

It was launched as a preliminary system in the spring of 1954. Since a lot of technology was chosen that was already available on the market, the development time was just over two years. The rocket, which had a range of approx. 34 km, could be equipped with conventional warheads (500 kg TNT) as well as nuclear and chemical weapons. The M series (G744), Truck, 5-Ton, 6x6 were used as rocket carriers. This was a type of car that was developed in the late 1940s and production started in 1950. Manufacturers were Diamond T, International Harvester, Kaiser Jeep (now AM General) and Mack.

Norwegian usage
In Norwegian service for 4 and a half year

The USA offered Norway this weapon in 1959 when it was in widespread use in European countries such as Denmark, West Germany, Belgium, Italy and Great Britain. In total, Norway received 5 such rocket vehicles, as well as 8 ammunition wagons.

A Rocket Battalion was set up consisting of staff, staff battery and a rocket battery. The rockets themselves were delivered in 1961. The use of communication and the collection of weather data was important in order to get good hits. It was fired with a 500 kg TNT warhead and a practice warhead with a small charge. The department was regularly visited by American evaluation teams that came from West Germany. The department always received high scores from the evaluation team. The battalion received additional equipment and clothing such as fur hats and fur coats and boots with Vibram soles (antistatic).

Practical range was 25 km. Testing in northern Norway showed that the system worked in -40 degrees if the rockets were wrapped in heating blankets.

Political pressure did its part to have the missile weapon returned to the United States already after five years. In 1964, the equipment was tektylized and sent back to the USA. Nuclear warheads were never stored in Norway.

Usage in game
This vehicle could be hard to implement, but i think it could do fine. it would proably be implemented as a reward during an event, and mostly be used as a meme vehicle or just for fun, and mostly used by content creators. it has no armor, it can only fire one shot at the time before reloading at one of the captured points in the game, and will therefor have to be fired at a distance and covered by teammtes. but the rocket, with a 500kg tnt warhead, should be able to deal quite a bit of damage to the enemies when fired. i believe this could eleminate a group of 4-5 tanks when they are grouped.

to compensate for it’s long an dangerous way to reload a new rocket it could mabye cost less spawn points or even have one free backup.

I guess this vehicle would be around the same br as the sturmtiger, mabye a little bith higher due to the options it have in terms of ammunition, both bomblets, tnt or antomic warheads (those antomic warheads would likely never be a thing, but could serve as a option for 2500sp in addition to the planes? hehe) many possibilites!

i believe it would work!

As seen in the video below, this vehicle has some elevation and options to aim the rocket.





General Information

Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company
No. built: 7000+
Variants: MGR-1A, MGR-1B, MGR-1C

Specifications MGR-1A
Mass: 2,640 kg
Length: 8.30 m
Diameter: 760 mm
Wingspan: 2.77 m
Engine: Hercules M6 solid-fueled rocket 441 kN
Propellant: Double base solid propellant
Operational range: 5.5–24.8 km
Flight ceiling: 9 km
Maximum speed: Mach 2.3



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