M24 Chaffe

M24 Chaffe

In the picture we see Crown Prince Harald (Current Norwegian King) beside the m24 chaffes, he served as a wagon commander and lieutenant! picture was taken in the summer of 1958/59. he is also wearing a M-70 uniform

TYPE: Light Tank


  • 1x 75 mm M6 cannon
    -Mount: M64
    -Ammunition capacity: 48 rounds

  • 1x 12.7mm Browning M2HB machine gun
    -Ammunition capacity: 440 rounds

  • 2x 7.62x51mm Browning machineguns
    -Ammunition capacity: 3,750 rounds

Mass: 18.37 tons
Length including gun: 5.56 m
Length excluding gun: 5.03 m
Width: 3.0 m
Height: 2.77 m
Crew: 5
-Assistant driver/radio operator
Engine: Twin Cadillac Series 44T24
Eigne power:220 hp at 3,400 rpm (total)
Eigne power combined: 296hp
Eigne type: 4-stroke V8 gasoline
Transmission: Hydramatic - 8 speeds forward, 4 reverse
Suspension: Torsion bar
Ground clearance: 0.46 m
Fuel capacity: 420 L

Max Speed on road: 56 km/h
Max Speed off road: 40 km/h
Range: 160 km on road
Turn radius: 14 m
Power to weight ratio: 16.1 hp/t
Obstacle crossing
Ground clearance: 0.46 m
Wall: 0.9 m
Trench: 2.4 m
Gradient: 60 %
Fording: 1.0 m

Armor type: Steel
Armor thickness
-38 mm turret front
-25 mm hull front
-19 mm hull sides and rear

This vehicle was developed as a replacement for the earlier American light tanks. Development of the wagon began in April 1943, serial production began in March 1944 and until production stopped in 1945, a total of 4,415 were built. The wagon entered service late in 1944 and then participated in both Europe and Asia until the end of the war. 1 1950 it returned to active service in the Korean War. France used the wagon to a large extent in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, the wagon was used by both North and South Vietnam.

Norwegian usage:
The first wagons of this type came to Norway with the Americans
in 1945. When they withdrew. we took over these wagons. They then formed the backbone of our tank squadrons until the M48 came along in the 1960s. We have had a total of 141 wagons in Norway. They served in the reconnaissance squadrons until 1970, after which they were phased out of the cavalry. Most were converted to NM116. Of those that were not rebuilt, some ended up on firing ranges as targets, some were sold as scrap, while some came into service in the HV and were used here until 1991/92.

Norwegian M24 Chaffe modified and redesigned NM130 Bergepanser, this is the same hull as the M24 chaffe, and this could proably be value in terms of camouflages and the wonderful sounds, listen to the beautiful sound of the gearbox when backing up



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I’d rather grind the Bergepanser than yet another Chaffe.

If I had something new to offer I would support you, but since it doesn’t then I can’t.

It doesnt have anything that i am currently aware about right now, bot there might show up something tough

I am researching and often going over the vehicles again

Yeah, that seems cool, I think adding a “vehicle recovery” type to the game would be a very cool mechanic, but idk if it’s really thesible because of, you know, no major weapons and no armor.

I would be all over that because it was my IRL army job.
It would need new mechanics and rewards added to the game, beyond fixing friendlies, maybe points for dragging destroyed vehicles back to friendly cap points, etc.

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O7. I’d think fixing tow ropes would be a better choice first, as in proper animations of tow lines being hooked to your tanks. Which pulls the destroyed ones away. But I agree it would be nice to get points for moving destroyed vehicles out of the way. However, that would only really be possible if Gaijin goes out of their way to make vehicles that are destroyed remain still after there destroyed and not magically have all hatches and or tracks coming off.