M1A2 sight zoom bug

M1A2s currently in the game feature a 3x-10x zoom.
I think that this was a mistake when introducing the A2s, as the updated sight wasnt modeled in the game. The M1A1s do have a 3x-10x thermal zoom, but the A2s do not.

For example, this is the M1A1 gunner station, and you can see that the thermal zoom is indeed 3x-10x (top right part of the image)

However, on the M1A2s, they’re using a newer sight, which can go 3x, 6x, 13x, 25x, and up to 50x, something that the in-game M1A2s are missing.

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Forgot to add this picture of the M1A2 station, apologies.

In steel beasts for example, the correct sight magnification is implemented, and you’re able to switch from 3x up to 50x.

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damn, i hope this gets changed. but wouldnt be surprised if they discredited this somehow stating “something something not primary source”

If thats not optical zoom but digital then dont except them to add it, as digital zoom is not represented in the game, IIRC. Though if it is optical then Gaijin.net // Issues

This is bug report platform you can make a bug report and have this issue fixed.

thanks for the reply, if memory serves correctly, only the 25x and 50x are digital, whereas the rest are all optical.

I might be wrong but in game its 3-10x, so if you got source nice enough to prove its 3-13x, you should make a bug report!