M1A2 SEPv2 Missing M829A3

Apart from the t90m is even more bs than the t80 bvm like zero spall


If they modeled the t90m correctly it would simply be a better T90A with the same flaws and the M829A2 is enough to kill every tank, a new round is not needed

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Here’s a quick brainstorm for you. If you have a tank let’s say from the 80s but uses a round that was replaced by a newer round and in full production before the introduction of this new vehicle. What would you say hm?


So ? If the tank got the round in real life it should get it ? Im sorry are we playing rank 7 or 8 ? Since after 5 years of russian being the top dog i want a change of pace

And its rank 8 ! This is meant to be the time to shake things up like come on


Not exactly unlike the SEPv2, except that thing has even less armor available.

Lmao yes

btw we got Spall liners accepted for Bugs, if you are missing it you guys make one as well. In the first place that only the T90M got them…


Because it’s not necessary for balancing reasons?

Go take the M829A2 to the T-90M in the protection analysis…

Just don’t be actively drinking anything when you do. (Or have a towel on standby.)

It’s the same with other Top tier NATO non-ERA defeating rounds.


The values ​​are all very increased, the same thing happened with the leopard2a5 on the dev server, the values ​​will probably all change

You mean like they did with the BVM?

(Pretty sure those INCREASED after the Dev Server)


(Also, there is one tank now in the game that has the spall liner that NATO tanks have had longer than I’ve been alive… and it’s not a NATO tank. Give you a big hint as to which one it is.)


I don’t think 1200 mm on the hull without ERA is realistic and 3300 against CE, it will certainly be changed

3 years ago, I might have agreed with you.

just do a bug report and wait for the official release

They really should add the M829A3. Just go into armor analysis and take a look at m829A2 at T90M. After all, if Russians get their ERA’s full capacity I don’t see why US tech tree cannot get a round designed to counter it.

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Why only USA, there is more nation than just USA and Russia

DM73 for Germany then. I was just using US as an example


Simply for balancing reasons, something like this is not necessary

and the T90m really need them soft relic packs to the side. Nothing is necessary with that logic. Can you fight Russian tanks with the original M829? Probably could as well. For balancing issues they should add it.