M1a2 sep v3

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…You do realize that the M1A2 currently gets DOUBLE the turret armor compared to the M1 Abrams?
M1 Abrams:


And we can quantify the weight increases in-game almost perfectly.
The regular M1 Abrams weighs 55.7 tons. The M1A1 gets a larger 120mm gun and a slight turret upgrade from ~390mm to ~450mm. At 57.2 tons. A 1.5 ton increase for a fairly substantial amount - even unrealistic, really.

The M1A1 HC gets DU in the turret, increasing the 450mm effectiveness all the way up to 675mm at 61.2 tons. A mere 4 ton increase for over 200mm of KE protection. Do keep in mind that the Ariete WAR kit is 5 tons in-game, designed to defeat APFSDS, and is currently ~20mm effective.

Then the M1A2 receives various minor upgrades, a better thermal system, and an APU. Which puts it at 62 tons exactly, which is very believable. The APU is meant to provide power even if the engine isn’t running and producing electricity through the alternator, so this should be modeled in-game to not slow down the turret rotation even if the engine is off.

The M1A2 SEP only weighs 200 kilograms more at 62.2 tons, which can be attributed to anything minor. And the SEP V2 weighs 66.1 tons, 3.9 tons more because it gets the entire TUSK kit covering the whole sides of the turret and hull, along with a big CROWS system on the top of the turret?

Basically - a CHILD looking at the Abrams in-game could EASILY, LOGICALLY deduce that the armor has both been added, and that the increased weight has been modeled.

When you say this:

You are being so facetious, that I can only hope that you look back upon what you’ve said with shame.


Chat? Is this a womp womp or a boowhomp for the russian-bias crowd?


I never compared the SEP to original M1. My statement referred to SEP v2 vs M1A1 HC where its armor remain exactly the same till SEP v2.

Did you even read the entire post?

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I did, but I clarified your first point.