M1A2 SEP V2 ERA Modification

I looked through some topics already but didn’t never an official response, I don’t see why the era can’t be a modification too add on the extra weight and blocks. As of right now they’re borderline useless and I would bet 9/10 players wouldn’t have it equipped. It just makes the tank sluggish and a larger target.


That would actually improve a M1 series tank, and gaijin cant have that.


Indeed, Gaijin clearly doesn’t want the M1 series tanks to perform well. Cough Cough

That’s why they’ve been buffed countless times and Gaijin consistently made sure they’re among the best MBTs in the game.


If my TES add armour can’t be removed same with the SEPV2


I’d like it if they made that into a modification, I suspect they will do so at some point like they did with the M1128.


dude it aint even modeled right let alone this feature being permanent

with that said just read that they are sticking with the COD kid wallet warriors feedback and keeping maps small and cqc prone

im out its just another generic game now


They haven’t really gone out of their way to make the M1 series perform better without community backlash- not like they did with spall liners and 2nd generation thermals to improve Russian tanks. A 1 second buff to reload was nice if you want to shell out a bunch of GE for it, but it definitely could have been more. Same thing goes for the HSTV-L- they easily could have made that vehicle way better than it currently is and chose not to.


While I agree, there is something to be said about the somewhat ridiculousness of ONLY the M1 series receiving the 5 second buff. I main the US, and I absolutely understand how frustrating Top Tier can be (I pretty much exclusively play 11.0 because at least 60% of the games are downtiers). That said, I don’t think it was fair to nations like Italy, France, or Israel, who in their own right struggle on paper and in an evenly-skilled fight, to not also receive this buff. I mean, c’mon. Why is the AMV stuck at a 6 second reload? It isn’t realistically any better than the SEP.

And if you don’t want to give the buff to ALL those nations, fine. Remove the 5 second reload from the M1A1 (standard). It sits at 11.0 with M829A1- simply a better round on a better platform then M900 on the M1 IP. I’d even make the argument for removing it from the M1A1 HC. Realistically, the only vehicles that should inherently receive the buff should be the ones that sit directly at top tier, not 0.4-0.7 below it.

All that said, I do agree Gaijin has destroyed any hopes of having a decent vehicle in the HSTV-L, and it is frustrating that the US receives more kick back to its small buffs than quite a few other nations, like Russia or Germany. But it is a game of war- clearly, no two sides will 100% agree with each other ever. That is just how it is.


They can buff or nerf the reload- I don’t really care. But the built-in factors like APFSDS access/performance, thermals, hellfire performance, etc. when it comes to US vehicles needs reworking. However, the US is not unique in having something that it makes no sense that no one else would have. Russia has ridiculous Helicopters/SPAA, Germany/Sweden get ridiculously good tanks that should have been added later, Japan has the 4 sec autoloaders, etc. For purposes of balancing, the reload buff was not unwarranted given the Abram’s lackluster performance in all the other areas. It’s hard to argue the case that everyone with 105/120mm guns should get 5 sec reloads on fairness grounds when there are plenty of unfair things in the game.

I think you mean Japan with the quick autoloaders.

That said, however, I agree in that the US has not received its excellent vehicle in the form of a Ground vehicle. While Russia DOES get the Pantsir, the US also gets the F-16s, A-6Es, A-10s, etc. that all are apparently very good CAS (I am not a CAS user. I do not believe in it. So I very simply don’t use it). So it can be understood why people would be upset about the addition of the 5 second reload.

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This is why they don’t let you do it. If they let you remove the ERA kit, like with the V1, then it exposes how minor of an addition it is and the vast majority of V1’s and V2’s would be literally identical because everyone already removes the ERA on the V1. They were introducing rank 8, so of course the US needs a tank, but the V2 really should have been a foldered vehicle.

just like the discussion and latest bug report on the challenger 2 tes era i suspect they modeled the era on the abrams wrong

That’s the difference: US players get special treatmeant.

When there’s community outlash for the C1 Ariete, Leclerc, Merkava, Leopard 2 A7V, Challenger 2, etc. etc. nothing gets done about it, but when US winrates fall and the community cries about that, suddenly the buffs to M1’s start popping up.

Here’s just a few of the buffs to M1’s I can recall off the top of my head:

  • Lower glacis 332mm > 378mm (all M1’s)
  • Right turret cheek 400mm > 464mm (IPM1 and M1A1)
  • Left turret cheek 434mm > 539mm (IPM1 and M1A1)
  • Right turret cheek 625mm > 685mm (M1A2, M1A1 HC, etc)
  • Left turret cheek 667mm > 766mm (M1A2, M1A1 HC, etc.)
  • M1A1 received M829A1
  • M1A2 received M829A2 based on dev server feedback
  • IPM1 received M900
  • Reload rate 6sec > 5sec
  • UFP changed to defeat any and all APFSDS in the game (it’s massively overperforming now too)
  • Engine noise levels reduced significantly.
  • M1A1 full Mass : 59.36 → 57.15 t

wow its like not every tank is indestructible

i wonder how many T80s and T90s look even worse then this


i recall t72s t80s t90s are being destroyed daily


u gotta be smoking smthng to “among the best MBTs in the game”

Do you want my to explain what ammo racking does

if that was a t80 the turret would be removed

He must be part of one those pro-Russian telegram groups or something aka a bot.


So for context:

  • I have 2664 kills to 501 deaths in different M1 variants combined, with an average winrate of around 70%.
  • I also play Leopard 2’s, Challenger 2’s, T-80’s, etc so when I say the M1’s have consistently been among the best MBT’s, I do at least have the experience in other vehicle to draw that conclusion.

M1’s generally have the best mobility, firepower and gun handling characteristics in the game, their survivability is the best among vehicles not equipped with spall liners and their armor is about average.

This is what makes them among the best in the game, they’re incredibly responsive, survivable and have incredible firepower.
I also can’t help but notice you’re a US main that hasn’t played any other nations’ Rank VIII vehicles, so your opinion is clealy not well informed.

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