M1A2 hull armor was on purpose like everything else

Look at this Bug report:
and this one:

Gaijin does not care what your vehicle had or not have, issuing bug reports won’t change that. The M1 was added purposely to have no upgraded hull armor, so whatever you say, the M1 will not get it. Just like the Leopard PSO was purposely added because it had no hull armor upgrades, so no amount of bug report will fix that.
It is clear that when Gaijin wants to add something, they will add it regardless of it’s existence ( f16AJ, 9ms for gripen A, r27 for yak141) and when they don’t want to add it, they won’t.
Whether historically they had it is never a matter to Gaijin. It is what they call “balance”. Remember if your tank is inferrer to others, it is not a bug, it is intended.

So if your tanks is missing armor, stop trying. It was done on purpose.


Yes Gaijin artificially buffs / nerfs nations so that Russian vehicles will perform.


The only way to fix this is to make such a fuss about it that the big important people cant ignore it.

“wait, you can’t fight T90M with a worse M1A2 SEP with M829A2? Sounds like skill issue to me!”


Id like folks to send me a list of the most aggregious “not a bug” moments they have so i can compile them.

here’s a funny one for you

apparently the unclassified documents from a US defense agency is not first hand reputable source.


here’s another fun one:
apparently " third-generation depleted uranium armor components" says nothing about protection values


It honestly doesnt. How thick is the armor upgrade and what is its layout? Assuming what you quoted is what the source says, your report is just a file that says “the tank got a different armor package”

And it is exactly the same in game.
Not a bug

Until you can provide a source for what that armor actually is, they cant really change it other than make up numbers.

Well the point of this whole post is to say just that.
it’s numbers Gaijin intended. It doesn’t matter what you find because especially for the M1A2 getting specific values for armor upgrade is not possible unless there is a leak of classified information.
So as I said in another post
Catch 22.

That is the sucky thing about these modern tanks. They really should of stopped before we hit the classified things

They really should.
And this is still for a tank in 2008, imagine trying to find documents to correct the challenger 3 XD

At least their response to that report looks a little promising to me. The way they said that they dont know if it is an increase or decrease. Sounds like if we can find some testing data or report stating something like “X round could pen the un-upgraded armor but couldnt pen the upgraded armor” they would increase it.

9Ms for Gripen are real.
Yak-141 was planned for radar missiles.
“Muh T-90M is using the same hull armor as T-72B 1984!”
Prove that it doesn’t.

@Vamilad Weird since T-90M is Russian yet isn’t buffed on the hull…
Just has a 2A5 like armored turret added to it.

And there’s this one:


I don’t agree with the idea that we need exact armor values when there’s no way to get them (legally).

The sources here do at least provide percentage improvements, which could simply be applied in game until more information is declassified.

After all… if an arbitrary value of 13G can be chosen for the Stinger missile, why can’t Gaijin do the same with Abrams armor.

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well it’s not enough. And will never be.
As the OP suggest,
It’s on purpose.

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God damn it this is start to get out of hand bug report can’t get any further because there some a guy keep deleting it

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