M1A2 change spall liner

I demand changes to M1A2’s since it’s not made accuratly. To prove my point here are some sources:


So we have a title page to a hand receipt…

What about it?

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That the U.S. should get a trophy system is not there and they didn’t get one once. Spall liner got the Germans and the Russians but the US where in the documents they have. Hardly, it is described that the M1A1 versions have the trophy system. But of course they can’t add it, same thing for the Germans, Leo 2A7 they got the Finnish tree first but they couldn’t add it to the Germans first. Maybe as the documents I have and found showing that the M1A1/M1A2 have the spall liner and trophy system will only add it

Can you share those documents? I’d be interested. (as would many others.)

EDIT: As long as it is NOT CLASSIFIED. Don’t be the next guy to put WT in the news over Classified info.

this document probably cannot be used as a source, although it can be accessed on the Internet.

Never seen this level before, but after looking it up, CUI must be the most useless classification level possible.

Non distributable unclassified information, thus they post it on the internet in a public form, making it fully distributable to everyone, thus, invalidating the level of classification.

I swear, governments just don not seem to understand that putting something on the internet gives everyone free reign over said item.

@Victor_eu @Lolman345

I looked up CUI, and it includes personally identifiable information- and given that it’s a hand receipt, it has to be personally identifiable when filled out- that’s probably why its CUI while having the base copy available on the internet.

So in theory, an unsigned/unassigned one shouldn’t be Restricted.