M1A1 to M1A2sep Lower Plate composite

I have noticed in war thunder that the effective thickness for the Abrams lower plate composite says the same with all Abrams in game. I have made a cupule bug reports but they say its not enough information. I have some documents and things that say the all of the armor was upgraded. I Think the thickness of the lower plate composite did not change but the materials did so what WT can do is replace the composite with the turret composite but keep it at 360mm and thickness

I have not seen any sold evidence regarding m1a1s receiving hull armor upgrades. As for Sep the sources I’ve seen Im pretty convinced it received armor upgrades this issue is that all of this is classified. We will never get the proper sources that gaijin wants I really wish they would use a little logic on their part Ive posted some of these images already in another forum post.

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If we apply same KE modifier for the hull as on the turret with DU armour

The Abrams Hull would go from 350mm to 535mm KE protection


yes no more paper armor

M1A2 should definitely get this upgrade, no reason no to, and Russian top tier tanks already got experimental thermals (T-80B, T-80U) and whatnot

This is kinda unrelated but in regards to sepv3 It clearly states It received NGAP(Next Generation Armor Package) in the hull and turret I don’t know how Gaijin is going to model it because if sepv1 is an issue for them regarding proper information Sepv3 armor is even more classified. The only possible public source I found that gives a number on armor improvements was from the early to mid 90s when the US was testing different armor compositions for the abrams stating it offered a 35% improvement vs KE compared to the base m1a2. Maybe gaijin can base an estimate on this.


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The AIM should get a lower plate upgrade as well the AIM did not use DU but it used equivalent composite.

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we know the armour on the hull is not the same. its not DU

that’s only for M1A1 but after the M1A1 its DU

were do you find all of this stuff?

On the old warthunder forums and Reddit

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Gold being berried in a volcano pit

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