M1992 MLRS

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M1992 MLRS



Unknown official name

Brief History
North Korea has a surprisingly long history of tank and AFV production, with some of their most recent developments being very interesting. During the Korean War, and for a couple decades after, North Korea relied on Soviet hand-me-downs, namely T-34s and their derivatives, T-55s, etc. In the 70s, the DPRK started development of their first MBTs based on their copy of the T-62 (Ch’ŏnma), which have continually been upgraded to this day. They haven’t just built MBTs, however. They have a number of other AFVs, such as SPGs and tank destroyers (conventional and ATGMs). They also have more support-oriented vehicles, including a number of indigenous APCs. Their first truly indigenous one is this, the M1992. It was first seen in 1992 (hence the name), but was likely developed before. The vehicle has some similarities to the Soviet BRDM-1, but appears to be otherwise be a unique design.

The M1992 has 3 known configurations, but the focus of this suggestion is the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) variant. This variant has a North-Korean-made launcher of 24 rockets in the rear, with the rear hull slightly altered (and thus unable to carry 6 passengers anymore). These are the Chinese Type 63 107mm rockets, which can fire at 385m/s and carries a 1.3kg warhead (18.8kg total weight).

Unlike the base APC variant, this version does not mount a grenade launcher at the front, relying only on its rockets for firepower.

The vehicle itself is a 4x4 design and visually similar to the BRDM-1, as mentioned earlier. The vehicle has potentially amphibious capabilities, judging by the shape. If so, it would be propelled by wheels only, leaving it slower than amphibious vehicles with water jets. The vehicle has a frontally mounted engine, although details of it are non existent. One source indicates it might be a diesel engine, but details are, again, not available.

Armour is likely non-existent, providing protection from only small-arms fire, likely 10mm or below. The vehicle has 2 main crew (commander and driver).

The M1992 MLRS would be a fun mid-tier rocket launcher in a North Korean sub-tree. I think it would play relatively similarly to the Type 75 MLRS in game, but with better mobility, and much worse rockets. I’m unsure of what BR is best, but somewhere around 5.0-6.0 feels good.


  • Type 63 107mm rocket
    • 24 rounds, unknown number stored in hull
    • 18.8kg total weight, 1.3kg warhead
    • 385m/s


  • Hull
    • Front
      • Unknown, thin
    • Sides
      • Unknown, thin
    • Rear
      • Unknown, thin


  • Speed
    • Unknown, possibly ~90km/h
  • Weight
    • Unknown, possibly ~6t
  • Engine power
    • Unknown, possibly diesel engine. Likely >100hp





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