M18 (90) nerf in dev server

According to the dev server changelog…

The Super Hellcat is about to be hit with a pretty heavy nerf. That’s fine and all, since there are sources to back it up…


I took a look at all 3 sources stated in that change. Literally none of them state that the Super Hellcat uses the R-975-C1 engine rather than the C4 engine.

What gives? What’s the actual reason behind this change, Gaijin?


I don’t know if there is any. Maybe they will be making this one some kind of early prototype or something like they did with the Jagdpanther after nerfing the gunner zoom from x10 to x5 and saying it is accurate. Yes, technically. But there were x10 versions. If I remember right the x5 versions were later versions with cut down hardware due to all the war stuff and bombing. The rename to specify the version to fit to their decision of said x5 came shortly after in a micropatch. This could happen to the Hellcat too. But please be adviced that this is pure speculation on my part.

It won’t happen to the Hellcat because Gaijin has asserted that the normal tech tree M18s are later war versions with the stronger, R-975-C4 engine, rather than the weaker R-975-C1.

On the Super Hellcat being an early prototype… it just isn’t. It was made in 1945. M18s started getting the R-975-C4 engine after March 1944.

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Super Hellcat used hull of 749th production vehicle with s/n 755 and registration number 40108858.

And improved R975-C4 engine was equipped from vehicle s/n 1351, so it is not applicable to Super Hellcat with s/n 755.

  • Stuart A history of the American light tank by R.P. Hunnicutt
  • (New Vanguard 097) M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer 1943-97 by Steven Zaloga
  • (AFV Weapons Profile 26) - Hellcat, Long Tom and Priest

These sources are for verifying serial numbers.


I checked those sources already. They never even say the serial number.

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It was only a secondary source to prove the serial number and designation number, there were other additional sources in the original report, but not in the changelog

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Then, explain to me, why the only sources that are shown are completely irrelevant?

If there is an actual source that shows the serial number, it would be nice to know it.


This is an internal report, and I didn’t write it, so I can’t comment on it specifically.

In the report, there were charts and the sources were used to prove it.

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So, what, we are just left wondering that maybe that source is right, because we will never know because Gaijin won’t even tell us the name. We can’t even verify that such a source exists.

This is even worse than the M41 turret traverse. At least we know for a fact that the turret traverse of the M41 should be 36 degrees/s, because we knew the source used for 24 degrees/s, and can actually disprove it even if Gaijin has decided to not act on it. But with this it’s literally impossible.

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If you want to disprove this, check the registration number 40108858 of the M18 chassis that the Super Hellcat is based on and find out when it was produced.

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Where are you getting 40108858 from in the first place?

The photos of the Super Hellcat show “M18 858” on the side, with 858 seemingly being the last digits of the registration number.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t just guess the remaining 5 digits.

So a registration number ending in 858 could mean anywhere from being produced in December 1943 with a serial number below 1351, to July 1944, with a serial number above 1351.

“858” represents its registration number (40108858) in short form.

How come it can’t be 40145858?

An M18 built in July 1944 would have this registration number. It would also have a serial number higher than 1351.

In this side view photo you can see that the next number after the 401 is a 0 instead of a 4, it could also be seen as a 6, but this is not possible as 40146389 is the final production.

Could you circle the “401”, because I legitimately cannot see it.


4010858, It’s hard to read, but you can see that there is a 0 after the 410.

Think the better question is why change what isn’t broke?
There’s alot of inconsistancies in every tech tree.(Some more blatant then other’s) And the hellcat isn’t that op/nerfed, so it’s a bit strange.

Snail’s gotta snail it seems