M17 Whizbang

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Today I would like to suggest a big brother to the Calliope.

The M17 Whizbang

M17 Whizbang was a tank design similar to calliope, except it had a bigger set of rockets.

Calliope had 60 4.5 in M8 rockets placed above a Sherman tank that was able to elevate the angle of launch by aiming the gun up or down due to the launcher also attached to the gun barrel. The calliope was an effective psychological weapon that threatened the hostile with its unique rocket launching sound.

Due to this, the US Army seeked a stronger option than the 4.5 in. This was the 7.2 in HE Rocket T37 .
It was based off of an anti-submarine “Mousetrap”.

The T37 were originally armed on a sherman in front of the hull via a launcher called “Cowcatcher”, however the army wasn’t satisfied with the launcher. So they decided quickly to work on a unique launcher system for it, called the T40 whizbang.


The T40 Whizbang launcher had 2 layers of 10 rocket launchers horizontally, totalling into 20 rocket launchers. The launcher was armed with ½ in thick armor, but it was only effective at defending the rockets up to 7.62mm. After the T40 was accepted, its designation was changed to M17.

The M17 was able to be loaded onto any Sherman models. It was placed in the similar fashion as the calliope. But due to how big the launcher was and how low it was placed above the turret, it was not liked by its crews due to it preventing the top hatches from being openable.

M17 didn’t really see much action. It was originally planned to be part of the D-Day invasion, however the M17 couldn’t make it in time to the invasion due to delays on the production of the launcher.

The whizbang was able to be deployed after the invasion. Few of them were deployed in Northeastern Europe. But the counter attack by the Germans prevented the M17 from being used. In the end, they were removed and they sent 8 of them to Italy for it to be used as artillery support weapons.

There were some Calliope and M17 whizbang sent to the pacific theater for trial. They were effective at destroying enemy bunkers. However none were operated.





M4 Sherman
Armament: 75mm M3 gun
Engine: Continental R975 (400 hp @ 2400 rpm)
Mobility: 38/-5 km/h
Weight: 30.6t

M4A1 Sherman
Armament: 75mm M3 gun
Engine: Continental R975 (400 hp @ 2400 rpm)
Mobility: 38/-5 km/h
Weight: 30.6t

M4A2 Sherman
Armament: 75mm M3 gun
Engine: General Motors 6046 (410hp @ 2900 rpm)
Mobility: 48/-7 km/h
Weight: 32.5t

M4A3 Sherman
Armament: 76mm M1 gun
Engine: GFord GAA (500hp @ 2600 rpm)
Mobility: 43/-6 km/h
Weight: 32.9t

M4A4 Sherman
Armament: 75mm M3 gun
Engine: Chrysler A57 (425hp @ 2850 rpm)
Mobility: 41/-5 km/h
Weight: 32.2t

M4A6 Sherman
Armament: 75mm M3 gun
Engine: Ordnance Engine RD-1820 (497hp @ 3000 rpm)
Mobility: 40/? km/h
Weight: 32.2t

M17 Multiple Rocket Launcher
Armament: 20x 180mm Rockets
Length: 2.7m
Width: 2.7m
Weight: 4,615 lb

  • Add the total height and weight of M17 to the any prefered Shermans variant




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+1, could potentially be a researchable (or at least cheaper) alternative to the calliope, that thing is mega expensive.

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The variant options are confusing and about M4A3 outright missleading. Up there you list it just as M4A3, but far below you list 76mm gun for just that variant. You should definitely specify the subvariants at the top as well.

Why are these specific variants even picked? Did those ones definitely use the M17? Does it make much sense to include M4A4 and 6 as options since US Army wasn’t using those? Is there any proof it it was ever mounted with the T23 turret? TM 9-396 only shows mounting with the original 75 turret.

This picture looks like a child toy version of LOSAT
Would make a good collection +1 from me )

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I choose all of the above. Just let us in-game decide which version we want. Just like how we can swap to different cannon types on the Ki-43. But in this case, you swap to each Sherman variant that handled this.

That would be really cool. The only thing is I feel like the BR would change for the different hulls

Ayo, i mentioned this thing in wishĺist 4 days ago
Fancy timing

Look at this chonker of a round to yeet

Is that the PIAT’s older brother or something?? XD

It’s the guy she told PIAT not to worry about.

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heh Sherman Colipoie with a lot more punch