M163 radar is almost completely unusable

So, I have with zero issues used various lock-on systems on other SPAA, and previously I have used the M163’s lock-on without issue until recently.

In recent battles the M163 struggles to lock on to jets, even when the are flying directly towards or away from me… in a test drive the M163 can easily lock on to any of the AI jets flying around, but in actual battles it just can’t. The only lock I could get, was by spamming the lock input on a helicopter! but because I was spamming it, I would immediately dis-engage the lock due to pressing it again.

Has there been some change in how the lock works for M163? why is it so easy to lock in a test drive, but impossible in online battles? is it just a ping issue? am I crazy?? thanks for reading!


It’s an early radar, and earliest radar SPAA. What did you expect?

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How helpful, useful, and relevant. Thank the lord we have your eagle eye on the forum eh? LOL


i try not to use the radar. It’s a ww II.half type that barely works.

How come in a test drive it locks on to every target so easily, but in live battles it does not?

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Yea, something is up with it because the prompt does nothing in matches… No matter how close you are or how focused you are on target.

It’s clear skies, straight flying vehicles, and they aren’t around terrain too much, among other things. Things like size and distance of enemy plane also matter quite a lot.

None of this is the issue…

Distinctly I was in the game yesterday running the M163, and there is absolutely NO radar lock on it in games themselves.

When you testdrive it, it locks, shows a reticle, and hell, it even tracks the target and follows it (Which is very much likely to be unintentional), but this ‘You’re doing it wrong’ isn’t the issue, there is a genuine bug with it.

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Grab some videos and bug report it, best advice I can give. It’s a very early tracking radar, bound to have some issues locking occasionally under certain conditions, but not all the time.

Dude, it’s obvious if you even spawn it in game… We don’t need to supply screenshots or video, you’re dismissing the OP because the radar is old, which isn’t the issue.

You go try it ingame, and see for yourself, it’s clearly not working. Works in test drive, doesn’t work in battle.

No one can help if you can’t show it happening. Grab some videos of these situations then, if there really is an issue then please go bug report it and don’t waste time on the forums, it won’t change anything to bring it up here and not report it there. I’m not at my computer to test this out myself, so the videos would also be helpful for me to identify if there are any reasons for the locking problems and if it’s a bug or not.

A valid possibility to the problem. From my understanding it just has trouble locking sometimes, and the earliest tracking radar having locking problems would make sense, it’s not a perfect radar. But if this isn’t the case, then please show some footage and bug report it. Again I can’t go check it out atm, and the footage would clear this up for me, which is why I’m suggesting it.

This isn’t a report, nor is it anything to ‘need’ evidence on… You’re in here dismissing the OP instantly, and you STILL haven’t gone to test it yourself, and STILL trying to say we’re wrong…

İt’s at 7.7, what were you expecting? İt is perfectly usable vs 600-700KMH jets without guided munition. You’ll even face a lot of propeller planes

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I used it last night in upwards of 8.3, and it wasn’t picking up anything.

Yep, just tried locking a Mig15, no luck, and it even did lock (Once out of 30 attempts), but it was almost so glitched that it instantly lost the lock.

Do this in test drive, it doesn’t lose lock, in main battle, you ain’t getting anything.

If it’s having trouble locking anything at all constantly in perfect conditions, then this is a bug, and it needs to be reported. Test drives should be no different from normal matches most of the time, which is why it’s strange that OP reported it acting this way on live servers only, so most likely a bug if this is true. You literally mentioned yourself that it’s a bug earlier;

So fricken report it than if it is one as you said earlier, it’s not that hard mate… Again, arguing in the forums won’t get a bug fixed.

Again, I can’t. If you can show me instances of this “bug” happening it would be highly helpful.

Not saying anyone’s wrong, I never did.
Simply suggesting causes for the “problems” being encountered.

We’re not ‘reporting’ it, we’re talking about it… We don’t need to provide you proof, or anything, we are asking about it…

You obviously haven’t gone in game to try it out, and that, is your issue.

It’s not props, it’s not a failure on the users side, it genuinely is a different situation than in the test drive AND it’s DEFINITELY not making ANY sort of lock in areas that it should actually be doing so.

From a distance of 2km, I can still make a lock in test drive, in real battles, you’ll not even get one at 500m.

There’s no-one arguing on the forums here other than you making one because you got called out over your dismissive and ignorant reasoning.

Tired of your bs, hoped in some matches finally (bc I wasn’t home earlier like I tried to explain) and it works just as fine as I remember it being back when I did use it in my lineups. Had one or two moments where it wouldn’t lock an aircraft heading away from me (as expected) and one aircraft at a very far range (also expected), but locked pretty much everything I needed too, even some planes when a building was in the way of the locking search zone. It’s worked perfectly fine for me when I needed to lock and in the scenarios I used it in. If you’re having problems, than it seems it’s just y’all.

If this “bug” involving locking does exist, than
Please. Provide. Proof. Saying it happens to you without showing examples isn’t going to do anything and no one will be able to help you.

Other than this problem, I’m not going to argue over the other things in your previous message and “points” that were so oblivious to my message and its criticisms of you. You are the one being ignorant, and I do not wish to continue arguing over that or your distaste in my logical reasoning any further.

The tracking radar works fine so far, and I haven’t seen otherwise, please show me and others some instances of it not working so we can help you and OP.

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Maybe you should prove that it works as you’re saying it is…

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I just went into my replays and was going to tell you which replays and times to check, but it appears replays won’t show my radar locks… so that sucks…

If I have time tomorrow (unlikely, I’ll be extremely busy this week with work I let pile up a bit too much) I will try to grab some screen recorded footage, gotta figure out how to do that though and remember haha.

I will practice what I preach and try to get footage to show it working for me. (I might end up being extremely busy up until Friday, so unless by some miracle I have free time tmrw, I might be grabbing my footage on Saturday). However if you’ll trust my word until then, I can assure you, it was working perfectly fine for me in the short time I used it;

That ain’t proof…

This is.