M113A2 ORCWS-30, good auto-cannon without ATGM

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​caid’s suggestion #32

i would like to suggest a tank whose chassis would be obsolete for the BR his turret allows, the M113A2 ORCWS-30

thee M113 ORCWS-30 was a prototype and technology demonstrator built by Elbi in 2005. Elbit an Israeli military corporation, was proposing the ORCWS-30 and ORCWS-25 for export. to do so, they used an IDF M113A2 as a platform for the turret. offering the advantage to be fitted on any flat roof without needing to drill a hole for the turret right, this turret allows the M113 to retain the turret’s hatch free for the commander to observe the area from outside. the turret being remotely controlled offers a singular advantage in-game. since the turret is at the rear while the crew operating it is in the center, it is possible to engage the enemy by only exposing part of the rear which only the unmanned turret could be exposed, making the tank capable of taking a hit and only causing the player the need to repair. the absence of ATGM also allows a lower BR than some IFV in-game which allows the chassis, whose performance is a bit below average, to not fight vehicles that have mobility out-matching his performance by a large bit.
the M113 ORCWS-30 wasn’t exported to any country. the turret was sold as an upgrade for other vehicles, the 25mm version of the same turret (which was later fitted on the very same hull) was more successful with export for the M113 to the Philippines.



  • powerful auto-cannon
  • good turret speed
  • high elevation
  • also effective against aircraft
  • capable of exposing his rear with the turret without exposing his crew around a corner
  • Amphibious
  • Very light


  • weak armour
  • a small crew
  • average mobility (not so good for a light tank)


The main armament is the Bushmaster Mk.44 with 200 rounds ready to use in dual feed. the turret itself offers a lot of good features such as the two-plane stabilized gun, dual control for the commander and gunner, high gun elevation, and fast turret rotation, optionally the turret can also be equipped, at the request of the Day/night sign. this turret offers an elevation of -16°/+60° which allows it to be used against aircraft if you have a helicopter or jet that gets too cocky. the

For those that didn’t like to read the full text, here is a resume of the good feature

  • Dual feed (two belts are feeding the gun for a total of 200 rounds)
  • Stabilized
  • Night vision (optional)
  • High elevation
  • fast rotation
  • Automatic target tracking


The mobility of this tank is based on the weight and power of the engine. the turret with his ammo weight 1.0 tonnes, and the chassis weighed 11.3 tonnes. this allows us to estimate the total weight to be 12.3 tonnes, which for a M113 is pretty normal. the engine a General Motors 6V53 provides 215 hp at 2800 rpm. it would give a power/weight of 17.48 hp per ton. which is not so bad for a tank around his expected BR. it would not beat the record of mobility but since it would be rather light for an M113 converted into IFV, this tank would have decent mobility. the top speed is 64 km/h forward and 15km/h backward. the tank is also amphibious with a speed in the water of 5.4 km/h


The armor of this specific M113 is pretty basic. made of aluminum, it would be a bit weak despite its good thickness. barely capable of protecting against HMG at some distance, it would be still enough to protect the tank against Shrapnel and some damage. but it remains a light tank so the protection is not expected to be a great feature. the crew of 3 are inside the hull. a driver sits at the front, while the commander and gunner sit side by side in the middle of the tank under the turret.





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You doing one on the Eitan? There’s a new source for its turret ammo capacity being 350 rounds.

Interesting vehicle +1

I like the M113 chassis and the idea of being able to engage while the crew is protected by a building is appealing. This would not be unbalanced since it could still be ammo-racked or overpressured with HESH or HE.


no, this one is not in my planing