M113 Liberty FAADS (top tier US AA)

Would be great if someone has more information on this vehicle, as it would be a great addition to the top tier USA SPAA (as the ADATS unjustly had tank destroyer costs, especially after the latest missile changes).

Edit: forgot to mention it is equipped with VT-1 missiles, so it can eventually get the VT-1 Mk.3 as well with extended range, as would the other VT-1 equipped vehicles, making them more on par with the Pantsir


Looks top heavy as all hell, but i’ll take it.

I am 100% down with having more goofy gavin refits like the MIM-46 mauler and this.

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this would be nice, could add a modification for the bradleys so they can get their stingers instead of TOWs, or make it a seperate bradley, for anyone wondering im talking about the linebacker

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