M1128 turn diameter is incorrect

I recently submitted a bug report on the m1228’s turning diameter as it is always a pain just driving around buildings or any tight spots for that matter. I included several sources and even photos of an actual Stryker with its wheel turned at a significantly larger angle than the one in-game can. However, one of the moderators on the bug reporting site just labeled it as not a bug and closed the report without explaining why. I assume its because it a historical inaccuracy but I don’t see anywhere on the forms to report it now that were on this new site. Should I just resubmit it at a different time and hope that this particular moderator, who’s known for approving reports with literally zero sources if they belong to a certain nation’s vehicles, isn’t active so a different moderator can see it. Or am I supposed to post it somewhere else or is there something I’m missing from this report that’s normally needed?
The bug report: Gaijin.net // Issues

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