M1128 turn diameter is incorrect

I recently submitted a bug report on the m1228’s turning diameter as it is always a pain just driving around buildings or any tight spots for that matter. I included several sources and even photos of an actual Stryker with its wheel turned at a significantly larger angle than the one in-game can. However, one of the moderators on the bug reporting site just labeled it as not a bug and closed the report without explaining why. I assume its because it a historical inaccuracy but I don’t see anywhere on the forms to report it now that were on this new site. Should I just resubmit it at a different time and hope that this particular moderator, who’s known for approving reports with literally zero sources if they belong to a certain nation’s vehicles, isn’t active so a different moderator can see it. Or am I supposed to post it somewhere else or is there something I’m missing from this report that’s normally needed?
The bug report: Gaijin.net // Issues


Now would be a good time to resubmit with the recent drama.


Honestly, I’ve given up and stopped playing. Moved onto other games until this one can get it’s act together. Feel free to take a look through my post and resubmit it if you want. Do some testing or find some sources or whatever.