M109: The King of Battle

russia also have 8 of them (su152, isu152, kv2, kv2 1940, 2s1, 2s3m, object 268, object 120).

As a main player of the ground matches and to this day with over 2k kills with the Type 75 SPH (in top tier battles) I can say that. I think this is not going to happen, not all people like camping in a side of the map to do some calculations and shoot, and the fact of adding a special spawn area to the map for the artillery that is furthest from the battlefield I don’t think it breaks the game, especially knowing that we have CAS that can perfectly counter the artillery. Obviously this new type of feature need to find a balance within the game but I think it could become a new feature within the game and for me quite interesting

Maybe. I just don’t think it would be fun.

Anyway, back to the topic, I hope they change the M109s to the long-barreled late variants for parity between nations.

Yeah, I might be a bit impatient.
i just feel like Sweden has been a bit neglected for a while.
The last few updates have given almost nothing of interest for Sweden’s tree.

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There´s why i said that AHAHAHAHA.

Btw yeah in short future Im sure they gonna add long barrel variants for more nations and that´s cool. Thats why I like to see these variant added this update, for me this means they´re going to add more variants

most of those are tank destroyers, not howitzers.

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Yeah but I would rather them just be all at once you know? Having to grind through one short barreled howitzer for a long barreled one just doesn’t seem fun. Not that I can really stop them though

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That happened to German “mains” players last update, almost three years waiting to a new Leopard and Gaijing adds an heavier Leo2a5 (Btw newest, heavier and armoured Leopards has been confirmed for this year so I think it´s cool too)

But you know, Gaijin works a bit different than others companies so give them time. And don´t worry about being impatient, I think every player who really like this game has been impatient some time

I understand that feeling, with some vehicles I had the same but like I said to Necronomica, Gaijin works a bit different than others companies so they priorize the “Grind” or the “Spent money for get the vehicle faster” you know

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artillery is often called the “king of battle”.

I’ve never heard this said, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s a Russian expression purely.

Eh, the Krab has almost nothing to do with germany, it’s a French gun in a British turret on a Korean hull. I’d suggest it goes to the french tree, as the modern french SPH is the Caesar, which is not capiable of direct fire, so the Krab would fill the gap as Germany already has the PZH2000 as an option.

King of battle/King of the battlefield might be from Stalin, but quite a few important military leaders have said pretty much the same thing about artillery.
God is on the side with the best artillery -Napoleon
I do not have to tell you who won the war. You know, the artillery did. -Patton

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“king of battle” is not something I’ve heard said in American military circles, is all I’m saying. In fact in this year I’ve heard it exclusively from Russian telegram/media.

The AHS Krab’s turret is a licensed Polish variant produced by Poland, it´s almost the same as the AS90, but this uses the German 155mm/L52 gun with autoloader when the AS-90 uses the 155 mm/L39 with autoloader. The AHS Krab uses the Polis Topaz fire control system with a Danish muzzle reference system. It uses the engine, running gear and suspension of the Polish PT-91 Twardy. Only the newest version of the Krab, are based on the chassis of the South Korean K9 Thunder. First new hulls for the Krab were completed in 2015. Only 36 units will be produced in South Korea and the REST 84 in Poland. This SPH is used by the Polish and now by Ukrainian army asswell, so since the Leopard 2 PL is in the game within the German tech tree I think it would be the most appropriate for this SPH.

Edit 1:And France has nothing to do with the AHS Krab because it did not produce or use this SPH, so no, the AHS Krab cannot be included in the French tech tree. It´s more German than French

Edit 2: Btw I put the German tech tree as an Example because we already have a Polish tank on the Greman tech tree, and because uses an German gun and the K9 thunder chassis, so can be on both The British and German tech tree

As I understand it the Krab uses the Nexter 155 L52 gun. Nextar was a French government owned at the time of intial production (Though Rhinemetall was subcontracted to make the barrels). The turret is a heavily modified (to fit the polish FCS as you said, amongst other things like radios and such) BAE AS-90M system licence built in Poland (the AS-90M was never adopted by the UK due to politics, thus the shorter barrel on British AS-90s as the AS-90M upgrade included switching to the Nextar 155 L52).

Also, the Leopard 2PL is not the only polish vehicle in game, there is also the polish Firefly and the ORP Garland in the British tree, and the polish P-47 in the US tree.

As it stands Germany A) has a domestic option in the PZH2000 and other import models like later M109s B) has very little to do with the SPH in general, the UK doesn’t need another SPH (there’s plenty of options between AS-90/M, Abbott, and later M109 mods) where as France has no option, thus will be stuck with the Auf1 going forward, unless something like the Krab is added there and with the gun being of french design, I feel the connection is strong enough.

Oh and on a slightly different note, both the AS-90 and the Krab uses a loader assist, not auto-loaders, so do temper your expectations if either is added, whilst loader assist as been modelled as an autoloader on the Type 75, the snail does as the snail pleases and all that.

No, it’s a real English language expression. Just googling it yields plenty of results.

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Any chance for a German 2S1 or 2S3M?
Both were in NVA service

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Have you ever seen what a modern self-propelled howitzer does to a tank in direct combat?
Especially since they also have a laser range finder and imaging devices!
For example, here is the PzH 2000, where a tank used to stand, there is nothing left and it doesn’t matter what year the tank was built.
Watch 02:30 min

As far as indirect fire with self-propelled howitzers is concerned, Gaijin has long laid the foundation.
This requires a self-propelled howitzer and an artillery observer.
Both are present in the game and are easy thanks to the UAVs.
But like everything else, it needs training and fortunately we don’t have a WoT situation yet!

Gonna do same thing just as many do here, or do when talk starts about possible additions of artilery into the game:

2S19 /2S35 When?
(maybe even 2S35
prototype hehe)
mhEvm (1)

and all Western countries get Arti grenades with thermonuclear warhead, good idea! 😆👍🏻