M109 Barrel IT&DE

why does Germany and Italy get the short barrel on the M109 when both have used the long barrel version aswell? why do these nations get a worse version??

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Because they are Italy and Germany Gaijin hates them and i dont even mean it sarcastically


i know that already. i just wanted to know if there is another reason apart from that one. XD

Because for some reason they decided to add the M109A1 instead of the M109A3, which by the time of the A3 it had been exported a lot more. Don’t know why.

Cause the 109 that is being added is first generation if you read the thing the M109 got upgraded later to the A3 variant

Yeah but why not just add the A3 and its export derivatives

Cause they want to see if the 109 is worth implementing best way to do it is add the 1st generation of the arty before bringing out the more advance versions

They could’ve added the short barrel as a modification but doing retarded shit to hurt players is their gimmick

not a good idea cause its more then a barrel change its also shell change

Maybe but the only difference between the A1 and A2/A3 is increased ammo.

still their more then just that to consider

Like what

The Vehicle turret of the A2/A3 is also different, while the base M109 and A1’s only hull changes is the gun cradle, so chances are its just gaijin being lazy when it comes to creating a second model when they can just change the gun model on the existing hull and call it a day.

Sorta like how the more modern Italian F-104s did not drop with the original F-104 barrage because they required actual model changes unlike everybody else who could just have a different camo and gaijin could call it done.

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Probably lmao. Doesn’t mean I can’t be annoyed by it though.

But still even if the gun cradle changes the only difference then between the A2 and A3 would be the number of contact arm assemblies. Other than that all A2s and A3s are the same. So it would’ve been less work to just model the A2/A3 from the get-go.

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Oh 100%, same deal with the M107 round they all get as well, its the really old M107 with TNT filler for some reason while the PF version get’s the proper modern Comp B filler. It makes no sense why both aren’t just Comp B unless gaijin was just too lazy to not just copy over the stock shell files.

In all the M109s are really low effort as far as I can see. I see no reason why the base M109s aren’t just M109A3s since, as you said, they would just have more ammo, functionally everything else is the same gameplay wise, even the rangefinder cover since its just a optic cover and thats it.

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since nobody touched on this, i think they considered their options carefully, remember italy is still not having its native Palmaria SPH with a long barrelled 155mm, if they added the long barrelled version then addition of palmaria would have been redundant and they avoid redundancy in minor nations (meaning no palmaria). instead they added the short barrelled variant which italy doesn’t have a direct native counterpart for. fingers crossed for palamria soon tm.

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Maybe they wanna give the US a unique version.

Yeah sure germany as always suffers lmao

They also get it on lower BR, where it will see bit more slower and less armored targets that will be easier to kill.
For italy it is even more convenient since there is no 6.3 lineup currently.

Have to disagree with that. Palmaria and SP-70 would still be superior tanks to M109L and M109A3.
Leopard and OF-40 chassis makes them much faster and better at getting positions then M109s.