M109 (all variants) should have a higher BR then 6.0

Since the new update kings of battle update i have been spawned killed by m109 that somewhere in there spawn i feel that this is unfair and ridiculous, because there really no fair way to shoot back or anything actually except when you’re in a m109 yourself. honestly this feels like the K VIDAR problem all over again.


except for the fact that all M109s arent premium, they dont have a laser rangefinder or even a normal rangefinder for that matter, they dont have thermals, and aiming the proxy round actually takes some brain power

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Honestly, it shouldn’t go up in BR. if it can get 50. Cal anywhere it shouldn’t go up lol

HE slingers are indeed sometimes annoying, but giving them higher BR would be absurd. Especially when they have to aim for specific weak spots like the roof or driver’s hatch.
They have no armor and are quite literally “a box of fireworks with tracks.”

The 109 is an artillery piece for indirect fire,I don’t even know why they put it in the game for use as a tank with no long distance firing ability other than pot luck.Desperation possibly? If WT are going to capitulate to a unreality so totally why not resolve all their other issues with similar creative license and save us all the heartache we have to endure?

Maybe the could have linked it to the scouts or heli/cas scouts for a new dimension to the game but no, Just threw it in as a lame lazy gap filler across the board.

We have the same hate posts as we had for the M51 but at least that is not an artillery piece.